5 Best Mattress in Nigeria

Purchasing a new mattress can sometimes be an enormous hassle. Whether you are going to a mattress store or you choose to place an order online, you still require much time and patience to sort through a collection of mattresses in a bid to get the best mattress for you. Although, some mattress companies offer at-home free sleep trial periods that allow you to test a mattress to determine if it’s best for you, but then, it will save you a lot of stress and confusion to narrow your choices to a few mattresses that are budget friendly, suits your sleep position, quality material make up and would provide the needed support for your body. Knowing that a bad mattress is like a wrong medication, you don’t want to have to buy and return a bunch of mattresses in a bid to find the best mattress. Do you?

Most importantly, because the idea of a best mattress is subjective, meaning that there’s no one size fits all when it comes to mattress, we have come up with a list of 5 best mattresses that covers your preferences-so whether you need a mattress for pressure relief, or a soft, medium or firm mattress, for your sleep position-stomach, back or side sleeper, or you desire a cozy mattress. We’ve got you covered. You will certainly find the best mattress product to invest in.

Divan Mattress

Winco Divan
Divan mattress

Who’s it best for

People who want to avoid the hassle of buying a mattress and a bed frame separately

Shoppers who desires affordability and quality

Sleepers with back and hip pain

Side and back sleepers

Middle income earners, students, bachelors, spinsters, motels and guest inn.

This unique combination of mattress and bed frame is top notch in the mattress industry.  It is a pocket friendly , time effective and a super money saver. Imagine having a mattress and a bed frame in one purchase, absolutely rewarding isn’t it?

Divan comes in two designs- the orthopedic Divan and the standard Divan, both works to promote comfort and give pain-free support. Although the orthopedic Divan is a little percent higher than the standard Divan, yet, the price for the Divan mattress is very accessible and affordable. You are guaranteed of great value for your money. Customers rave about the effectiveness and efficiency of this mattress and will recommend this mattress to friends and loved ones. Did we mention quality comfort? Of course, on a Divan mattress, you are sure to enjoy quality sleep and comfort. Moreover, you will have a free sleep trial period and a 2 years warranty to ascertain the dependability of this mattress.

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Dual Side

Dual Side Mattress

Who’s It Best For

Pregnant women who wants support for all trimester

Shoppers who want value for money

Customers who want a 10years warranty

Couples, hotels and the elderly

The Dual side mattress is a definition of cheap and affordable with great value for money. Interestingly, this mattress has a unique slumber surface on either side; it is made with a soft and hard foam chips layer on either side of the mattress meaning you can flip to your preferred sleep surface at any time.

It is not only affordable, but it is crafted to provide the needed support for your body and provide pressure relief.  Designed with a 30 density (soft side) and 80 density (hard side) foam, you are sure to enjoy maximum comfort in whatsoever sleep position. Additionally, the Dual side mattress is covered with a quilted damask fabric-a strong, tightly woven fabric that is incredibly appealing, strong and durable, meaning you are sure to have a longtime sleep buddy.

Dual side’s 14 night trial and 10years warranty period plus a customizable option, makes this mattress a proof of the value of this bed. Again, since it is flippable, the Dual side mattress is indeed a durable mattress.

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Semi Orthopedic Grandeur Mattress

Who’s it best for

Sleepers who need pressure relief

People who desire a medium firm mattress

Back sleepers, workers, gymnasts etc.

This is a Semi Orthopedic mattresses specially designed for to support the body and alleviate stress on the back, neck and joints. It has a firmness of 35 density which aids spinal alignment and foster pressure relief.  It is has an average price and comes with a 5 years warranty period and a 14 day free at-home sleep trial period. While the Orthopedic mattress is designed with 85 density bounded foam mattress reason for its firmness, the semi orthopedic mattress has a medium firmness that suits your sleep needs.

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Exclusive Mattress


Who’s It Best For

Shoppers who want a stylish blend of bounce and configuration

People who desire firmness

Customers with exquisite taste

Best for high body density

Side sleepers, hotels, homes and couples

The Exclusive mattress is a luxury mattress that doesn’t cost a fortune to have whereas magnificently designed to stand out in the mattress industry. The spring coil beneath combined with high density foam, provides adequate support for customers, facilitates pressure relief and sexual activity, and promotes a cozy feeling. Customers enthusiastically praise the cushioning effect of this mattress at a really affordable price. More appealing is the reliable 10years warranty on this bed with an at-home free sleep trial period.

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Supreme Mattress

winco round supreme mattress

Who’s best for

People who desire luxury

Sleepers who desire a reversible firmness level

People who wants a highly durable mattress

Shoppers who desire a bouncy feel

Best for all sleep position

Couples, hotels, homes.

There’s no better word to describe a luxurious mattress that is flippable, has an inner spring coil, a 10 years warranty than the word ‘exquisite’

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