Knowing your mattress size is very critical to choosing the right mattress. Mattress sizes & dimensions will vary between countries, for instance, the king size in Nigeria will vary from the king size in the US.

For the sake of our readers, all information about mattress sizes on our website is specific to the Nigerian standard but notwithstanding we do produce custom sizes for various bed frame dimensions.

How to Choose Your Mattress Size

Investing in your new mattress should be well thought out so that you are able to make the right decision for yourself & your loved ones. Below are a few important factors to consider when choosing the right mattress size and dimension.

number of SLEEPERS

When selecting your mattress size, you must bear in mind the number of persons sleeping on that mattress. View the table below to help guide you so that you and your loved ones can sleep comfortably and reenergize.

room size

Know your room size before buying a mattress else you might be left with little space for your personal items. We recommend you avoid a mattress dimension that is more than one-third of your room size.

bed FRAME size

Your bed frame size will determine your mattress size, although we recommend you make a choice of a mattress size before getting a bed frame. Watch the video below on the guide to knowing your mattress size.


Although the size of your mattress will affect your budget, we have various mattress sizes that can accommodate your budget and your preferred number of users. View our Mattress Size Chart below for more info. 


Mattress Size Dimensions
(Length X Width)
mattress height recommended
> 52" X 28" (Inches)
> 132cm X 71cm
4" | 6" | 8" (Inches)
1 Baby/Toddler
> 75" X 30" (Inches)
> 6ft X 2.5ft
>190.5cm X 76cm
3" | 4" | 6" (Inches)
1 Person
Single L
> 75" X 36" (Inches)
> 6ft X 3ft
>190.5cm X 91cm
4" | 6" | 8" (Inches)
1 Person
Single XL
> 75" X 42" (Inches)
> 6ft X 3.5ft
>190.5cm X 107cm
4" | 6" | 8" (Inches)
1 Person
Mini Double
> 75" X 48" (Inches)
> 6ft X 4ft
>190.5cm X 122cm
6" | 8" | 10" - 22" (Inches)
2 Persons
Full Double
> 75" X 54" (Inches)
> 6ft X 4.5ft
>190.5cm X 137cm
6" | 8" | 10" - 22" (Inches)
2 Persons
> 75" X 60" (Inches)
> 6ft X 5ft
>190.5cm X 152cm
8" | 10" | 12" - 22" (Inches)
2 Persons
> 75" X 72" (Inches)
> 6ft X 6ft
>190.5cm X 183cm
8" | 10" | 12" - 22" (Inches)
3 Persons
King XL
> 75" X 84" (Inches)
> 6ft X 7ft
>190.5cm X 213cm
8" | 10" | 12" - 22" (Inches)
3 Persons

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Custom Mattress Size

Below are four tips that can help you make a decision as to when and if to customize your mattress. 

  • Unconventional Bed Frame Size

    Sometimes, people purchase foreign bed frames because of their exotic look and feel but unfortunately, it creates another bottleneck as the size of the bed frames is often different from the standard mattress sizes in Nigeria, at this point customising a mattress becomes the only option.

  • Bespoke Mattress Size

    Having a very large bedroom space might mean you want an equally large bed to complement your room space. You can always customize your mattress size beyond the standard sizes out there. We can only say, go for it!

  • Too Tall?

    The standard length of a mattress in Nigeria is 75inches which converts to 6.25ft (approximately 6ft). Therefore, a person who is over 6.5ft tall will have part of his leg sticking out of the bed, such a person will require a customized mattress. For maximum comfort, your whole body should be on your mattress.

  • Product Defect

    Our clients have experienced this countless times, occasionally some furniture companies either under or overstate the bed frame sizes leaving their clients with a painstaking challenge trying to fit in their mattresses. You can either solve this issue by replacing the bed frame or simply by ordering a custom mattress to fit into your bed frame, either way, it will be our pleasure to guide you.

Customize your Mattress Today!

For your custom mattress, reach out to our customer service agent or just simply click on the button below and fill out the customization form and we will do the rest for you, what are you waiting for?

Customize Your Mattress Size
Know Your Mattress Size

Here is a video tip to help you determine the right mattress size for you and even take a measurement of your mattress without a measuring tape, fun isn't it?

Do not forget to also view the Mattress size table chart above for more informed decision-making. You can reach out to our sleep experts for professional advice. We hope this video was helpful to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Mattress Size is best for me?

When choosing a mattress, there are 5 key factors to consider: 1) Your Room size, 2) the number of sleepers, 3) Their weight size, 4) Sleep positions & 5) Your budget.

What size of mattress does a couple need?

A mattress with a dimension of 6 by 6 (75 x 72) is sufficient for couples. This size tends to help couples by giving them enough space to move around without disturbing each other during sleep.

Your mattress size contributes to your overall comfort. It’s not just about how much sleeping space you have but how the bed fits your room. There’re 3 popular mattress sizes: 41/2 by 6 (75 x 54), 6 by 6 (75 x 72) & 6 by 7 (75 x 84).

Does height matter when choosing a mattress?

Mattress height matters because it directly correlates to the support you need. For example, heavy people will need a thicker mattress in order to keep the mattresses from sagging or compressing.