Try Your Winco Mattress for

14 Nights

To testify to its's goodness. Isn’t that huge?

Sometimes, all it takes is a trial!

Are those 10 minutes of in-store mattress tests really enough time to test out a mattress that truly suits you?

In most cases, NO! Doesn’t it feel embarrassing to try out a mattress in public and perhaps even purchase a mattress that you aren’t comfortable with? Can this be done better? YES.

The Winco foam 14 nights free trial period is all you need. Just order any of our Winco mattresses and test for 14 nights.

The Winco Foam 14 nights trial is a point of delivery service that allows a customer to try out any mattress for a period of 14 days within which if you aren’t comfortable with the product, you can return it and get a new product.

How the Mattress Trial Works


Try for 14 nights

Just like a new pair of shoes, your new mattress needs some time to break in. Let your body adjust and get used to it for a full  14 nights, at a maximum (it’ll be worth it, we promise!).


Let us know if you don’t love it

If you’re not loving the comfort or feel of your mattress after the initial break-in period, no worries. Just get in touch with us through our service lines to help you coordinate your return.


Coordinate your return

If you decide to return the mattress during the 14-night sleep trial period, you can choose another mattress of the same value or you can pay the difference if you choose a mattress that is more expensive.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the 14 Night Sleep trial entail?

  • Getting the best value for money is desired by everyone especially when shopping for a new mattress for your new home. The 14 night sleep trial allows you to try a mattress to see if it solves your sleep problem.

How does the 14-night trial period work?

If for whatever reason you don’t get on with the Winco Mattress you have selected, just use our handy returns portal to request a return. We’ll then take care of the rest. Once your return has been collected and processed, you will be further advised by our sleep experts on the mattress to purchase.

What happens if I miss the sleep trial window?

If you miss the 14 nights trial window, don’t panic. You’re covered by our warranty.

When does the trial period start?

Your risk-free trial starts on the day you receive your Winco mattress order.

Can I swap an orthopaedic mattress?

No, Both orthopaedic mattresses and spring mattresses cannot be swapped

If I called on the 14th day to return the product but could not bring it in on that day will it still be accepted the following day?

Yes, it will be accepted as long as you called it in before the close of the 14 nights trial window.

Are there cases that my returned products within that 14 Night trial period might not be accepted?

Yes, in cases where the item is torn, smelly, damaged, it cannot be accepted.

What if I ordered from a 3rd party, does it still apply?

No it does not. For 14 nights trial to be active for you, you need to purchase from the Winco foam website.

What if I purchased the product using a coupon or as a promotion?

The value of the coupon or promotion would not be included in your refund

Do I need to come with my invoice when returning a mattress?

Yes, the return of your invoice validates that you purchased the mattress from the Winco website.

Does the 14 Night trial apply to a customised mattress?

No it doesn’t, customised mattresses are tailored to individual preferences hence, may not serve the same purpose for others.

Can you pick up the return item

Yes, we can pick up your mattress for return, but at a cost that which you will bare.