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Everyone sleeps on a mattress but not every mattress guarantees quality sleep. At Winco Foam, our priority is ensuring we guide you in choosing the right mattress for your body type, thereby guaranteeing quality rest and a healthier lifestyle.

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Abandoned mattresses litter and take up spaces in many homes. Most times they act as a harbour for all sorts of harmful bacteria & organisms. Why don’t you swap your old mattress for a new one today?



With the current financial difficulties within the economy, budgeting for a critical health investment such as a mattress can be a burden. At WINCO, you can now buy mattress by creating a payment plan to ease this burden off you.



You do not have to sacrifice quality for a flashy product as this can be very damaging to your health. All our mattresses come with a warranty as an assurance of our quality product service delivery to you. Buy mattress and enjoy our warranty.

Featured Products

Adult Bed Sheet (Large)

Adult Bed Sheet (Large)
  • Comes in a pack of Bed Sheet with Four (4) Pillow Cases.
  • Our Large Bed Sheets cover beds with sizes 6" by 6" and 6" by 7".
  • Patterns are available based on stock.

Adult Bed Sheet (Medium)

Adult Bed Sheet (Medium)
  • Comes in a pack of Bed Sheet with Two (2) Pillow Cases.
  • Our Medium Bed Sheets cover beds with sizes 4" by 6", 4.5" by 6" and 5" by 6".
  • Patterns are available based on stock.

Adult Bed Sheet (Small)

Adult Bed Sheet (Small)
    • Comes in a pack of Bed Sheet with Two (2) Pillow Cases.
    • Our Small Bed Sheets cover beds with sizes 2.5" by 6", 3" by 6" and 3.5" by 6".
    • Patterns are available based on stock.

Baby Bed Sheet

Baby Bed Sheet
  • Comes in a pack of Bed Sheet with One (1) Pillow Case.
  • Patterns are available based on stock.

Custom Mattress

Create Custom Mattress Size for your custom bed frame

Winco Baby Cot

The mattress is made from a soft, high-quality foam, wrapped in PVC, and is not only waterproof but also fire retardant. The mattress is topped with a thick layer of foam designed to give your baby the perfect sleeping environment, allowing your little one to drift off into a peaceful sleep while you focus on other things like baking.

Winco Bloom Mattress

The Winco Bloom mattress is a polyester-cotton blend mattress that provides a medium-soft feel. This mattress is made from thick polyurethane foam layers, which provide a firm, supportive surface for your body. It's also made with all foam so you don't have to worry about springs or coils causing discomfort or pain in your back, hips, or shoulders just pure support where you need it most!

Winco Blossom Mattress

The Blossom Mattress is perfect for anyone who wants to get into a healthier sleeping pattern with their mattress. It's also great for those who have problems with their backs because it provides extra support in the right places.

Winco Comfort Mattress

When it comes to your comfort, no one knows your body better than you. That's why we've created the Winco Comfort Mattress, a medium-firm foam mattress that relieves pressure points in the back, hips, and other sensitive areas of your body. The Winco Comfort Mattress features a unique combination of polyester-cotton, foam, and smart design to give you the support you need and the softness you want to get a great night's sleep.

Winco Delight Mattress

Do you know what's better than a great night's sleep? Getting that great night's sleep on a mattress that was made just for you. The Winco Delight mattress is designed to give you the perfect sleep experience. It features polyester cotton and is available in a variety of colors so it matches your personality and decor. And because it was designed for side, back, and stomach sleepers alike, this mattress will always be there when you need it most—whether that means snuggling up with a book before drifting off or catching up on lost hours of slumber after staying up too late studying for that big test tomorrow morning at school!

Winco Dual Side Mattress

WINCO Dual Side Mattress is a great choice for couples. It offers full body weight support to anyone no matter what their body type is. The mattress can support its user perfectly without leaving any pressure points that may cause pain or sleep disturbances. The superior quality foam used in the construction of this product makes it very durable and long-lasting, hence you can use it for years without having to replace it eventually.

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Our 14 nights trial period gives you time to try out our mattresses so that you can decide whether they're right for your needs.

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Sleepless nights due to back pain, neck pain, insomnia and a host of others can now be left behind. Winco does not just offer comfort but offers ease in getting comfortable as you can now order a mattress or pillow online directly from the comfort of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This and more makes Winco Foam the preferred mattress and pillow manufacturer in Nigeria.

Enjoy The Best Mattress Deals 

It is very easy to use the Winco Foam e-commerce platform when you want to buy mattress or enjoy the best mattress deals online. When it comes to your comfort, we don’t compromise and you will definitely find something for yourself in our catalogue. Our mattresses ensure you get maximum comfort and have variations to choose from. From Full foam mattresses, to Spring mattresses, to orthopedic mattresses, we have everything to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Enjoy Our Service Offerings 

We put the needs of our customers first here at Winco Foam so we offer services that serve to benefit our customers in different ways such as the pay small small in partnership with Zillamattress swap, and 14 nights trial. Our platform also lets you customize your mattress, find a store, and track orders. Our 247 Customer Service team is always ready to help you with whatever your needs are. With us, there are no delays as our delivery time is within 3 to 5 working days and you enjoy warranty with us of which you can get more information by reading our FAQs.