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5 Habits That Threaten The Lifespan of Your Mattress

Everyone experiences that satisfaction that comes from purchasing a new quality mattress. However, most people are unaware of their roles in sustaining its durability. These tips will expose unhealthily
habits and actions that make our mattresses wear out faster than expected.
It is worth noting that the lifespan of a mattress varies from 5-15 years, although, this depends on the type, quality of material, and care given.

Read further to find out those habits that often shorten the lifespan of our mattresses.

Uncleanliness: This is certainly one of the reasons for a shortened mattress lifespan. A simple change in your hygiene can make a huge difference. Always wash your bedding, sheets, and other mattress protectors. These materials are great receptors for bacteria and body oils that can destroy your mattress and make them unhealthy as time goes on. Do you know that adults lose 454 grams of dead skin yearly while sleeping?? So, whether you are an adult or not, we urge you to maintain proper hygiene as long as you use a mattress.

Lack of Mattress sanitization: You have used that mattress for over 6 months and never thought of sanitizing it, oops!!! What are you waiting for? Sanitizing your mattress not only protects your skin but also destroys millions of dust mites along with other harmful bacteria and contaminants that are bred on your bed. You should kill them by sanitizing your bed if you have not before they come for you.

Eating or drinking in bed: our mattress seems like the most convenient place to carry simple activities like eating, drinking, watching TV, jumping and bouncing, etc. These activities increase the frequency of mattress use and deplete its value resulting in early sag, squeaking, and wear.

Dropping heavy and sharp objects on your mattress: Oh yes! Your mattress is always the most convenient place to drop off those loads of birthday gifts and household deliveries before locating the most
appropriate position for it. And sometimes, you carelessly drop your needle or scissors on your mattress after use. You are setting your mattress for quick damage and replacement.

Sleeping with your pet: Your pet will mess up your mattress. You may have nurtured your pet but pets aren’t humans, they are prone to sweat, pick dirty particles, and have contact with bacteria and germs and they bring it to your mattress. You can opt for a pet bed if you must sleep with your pet.

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