Weight Guide

Your body's weight determines how much cushion and support you need to keep the spine in alignment when sleeping. A mattress that is too soft or too firm can shift your spine into a position that is not conducive to good sleep. If you have a bed with medium firmness and you're a heavy person, you may want to consider getting a more supportive mattress that can hold up your weight.

Lightweight sleepers: If you're a person who weighs about 50kg or less to about 79k9, then you need a soft mattress. These individuals are at risk of developing back pain due to their body weight, and they need to be able to sleep comfortably if they want to prevent this from happening. If a mattress is too firm, then it can cause the body to contour itself in the wrong places. This can lead to back pain and even worse, which can make it more difficult for these people to move around during the day.

Average weight sleepers: Those who weigh between 80kg to about 120kg require a medium feel for a balance of comfort and support. You want something that provides support, but also feels like it's not holding you down. You don't want to wake up with aches and pains in your back or shoulders, but you also don't want to feel like you're sinking into the bed all night long.

Plus-Size:  Sleepers in this category who weighs 120 kg or more need a firmer mattress to provide support without sagging. If you're someone who weighs over 120kg and has trouble sleeping because of back pain or other issues with your spine, consider getting a Winco high-density Mattress which is tailored to help you get comfortable throughout the night and wake up feeling well-rested in the morning.

Know the mattress that is best for you

We know that finding the right mattress is a little bit hassle here and there. But we've got you covered! Here's our mattress weight chart, which will help you know what type of mattress to buy based on your weight.

This chart is based on average weights for Infants and adults so if you're heavier than average, you may want to consider a heavier-weight mattress. If you're lighter than average, then you might want to opt for a lighter-weight mattress.

The most important thing is to find one that works for your body type and sleeping style!


mattress height
Weight below 15kg
Ideal for growing babies and toddlers
4" Inches (Minimum)
Weight up to 50kg
Ideal for Children and high school students
6" Inches (Minimum)
Weight up to 80kg
Young adults and couples
8" Inches (minimum)
Weight up to 120kg
Heavier adults and couples
10" Inches (Minimum)
All Weights
All persons of different weights
10" Inches (Minimum)
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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of mattress is good for a Plus-size sleeper?

For a heavy person, a firmer and more supportive mattress will be ideal. This combination helps promote proper spinal alignment and prevent the mattress from sinking.

Does body weight affect a mattress?

Your body weight does determine how much pressure you place on a mattress which in turn impacts the comfort you get from the mattress. For example, a firm mattress may feel hard for a light weighted person but may offer the best form of support for a heavier individual.

Can a heavy person use a Spring Mattress?

Yes, a heavy person can use a spring mattress provided the spring mattress is built with adequate cushioning to support the weight of the person. More so, the springs allow the mattress to maintain its shape even when under pressure and offer a lot of pushback support to the body.

What type of mattress is good for a lightweight sleeper?

Most likely a medium-firm mattress can be chosen. But if you sleep on your side or experience pain and require some pressure relief, you’ll likely want to go for a softer mattress.

Does the weight of a mattress matter?

Some customers look at weight first when looking for a new mattress determining mattress quality or transportation difficulty. While quality is important, potential shoppers should look at the materials themselves, the density of the foam, or the coil count and gauge of innerspring coils.

I weigh 80kg and my kid brother weighs 65kg and we intend to sleep on the same mattress, Should we get a mattress that is equal to our combined weight or not?

Firstly, you need to know your sleep position and that of your sleep partner before reaching a decision on the mattress to purchase. However, you should get a mattress that suits the sleeper with a larger body mass. You need not go for a mattress that is equal to your combined body weight because when you sleep on a mattress, your weight compresses a particular section of the mattress.

Why is the right degree of firmness so important?

The right degree of firmness is very important in a mattress for healthy spinal alignment. If your chosen mattress is too firm, then your body will be forced to remain unnaturally straight, resulting in a misalignment of the spinal column. On the flip side, if your mattress is too soft, you’ll sink into the mattress too deeply, resulting in a hollow back.

I’m overweight. Which degree of firmness should I choose?

Anyone who weighs more than 100 kg needs to pay special attention to the kind of mattress they use so as to get the right degree of firmness. The incorrect firmness can lead to severe back, neck, and spine problems.

Does mattress size impact mattress firmness?

No, the size of your mattress will not have an effect on the firmness of your mattress. You can choose your desired mattress with your preferred level of firmness in a number of different sizes. This mattress chat will be of great help to you.

Can I change my mattress's firmness level?

Generally, it’s nearly impossible to change the level of firmness once you’ve bought a mattress. However, In Winco Foam Industries, there are still ways to fix the problem. 1. Take advantage of our 14-night Risk-free trial periods: If the mattress you’ve just bought is too firm or too soft and you’re still within the trial period, you can simply return your mattress 2. Mattress toppers: If your mattress is too firm or too soft, then you can buy a mattress topper to soften up a firm mattress or add cushioning to a soft mattress.

How do I tell if my mattress is too firm?

Some of the experiences you may get may include: Your pressure points may not feel supported and your shoulders or hips may feel like they are above the rest of your body. You may wake up feeling sore or achy and oftentimes feel disturbed every time your partner moves (firmer mattresses usually don’t absorb motion as well)

How do I tell if my mattress is too soft?

Some of the experiences you may get may include: You may experience difficulties getting out of bed which means you feel like you’re stuck or too sunk in the mattress)and sometimes Pressure points are dipping down –that is, your shoulders and hips sink below the rest of the body.

Do I also return a gift item with my package?

Yes, all items associated with the order will be returned if return is approved.

How do I get my refund?

You will receive your refund via bank transfer into your provided back account.