Mattress Swap

Swap Your Old Mattress For A New One: Here’s How It Works

Do you know you can swap your old mattress for a new one? Yes, abandoned mattresses litter and take up spaces in many households.

Interestingly, at the top of our services is the Winco Mattress Swap.  This offering is a strategy to give our customers the opportunity to own a new and comfortable Winco mattress in exchange for their old mattress.  This mattress swap service is in tandem with the company’s quest to contribute to environmental sustainability. The Winco Foam Mattress swap deal guarantees a fair exchange to its customers.

What happens to Your Old Mattress After the Swap ?

Your old mattress will not be refurbished, sold, trashed, or burnt. Rather, your used mattress is recycled to provide a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment. Notably, only a few mattress brands in Nigeria offer the mattress swap service. Winco foam is popularly known to currently offer the mattress swap service.

Here’s how it works

  • Locate any of our three factories (Abuja, Lagos, or Awka) nearest to you.
  • Convey your old mattress to the factory
  • Your old mattress will be measured to ascertain its weight in Kilograms
  • The weight of your old mattress will be multiplied by our rate per kilogram
  • You would be offered a mattress or any bed other bedding product worth the monetary value of your old mattress
  • Your old mattress is carted away for recycling.
  • All brands of mattresses can be swapped for a brand new Winco foam mattress or bedding products such as mattress topper, leg rest, porta mat, pet bed, mattress protector
  • It is important to note that you are to pay or add money to measure up to the price of the new mattress if the monetary value of your old mattress does not completely offset the bill for a new mattress or any bedding product.
  • You can call Victoria on 09062010211 for more information on the terms and conditions of the mattress swap deal.


With this special offer, Individuals and organizations such as hotels, and schools with boarding facilities are encouraged to take advantage of it because it saves more money, upgrades their comfort, and refreshes their snooze experience. These mattresses will be recycled to promote a healthier, clean and green environment. So, take advantage of the Winco mattress swap service today!


Frequently Asked Questions

You take your old mattress to any of our designated swap sites, we weigh the mattress with a weighing scale and then multiply the weight by our "swap cost" (subject to change) to give the "swap value" of your mattress. For instance if our swap cost is N500/kg and your mattress weighs 50kg, then your swap value will be (50kg X 500) which gives a total swap value of N25,000. You can then use it to either purchase a new product(s) of the same value or you add to it to upgrade to a higher valued product.       

We have designated mattress swap location,  you can visit any of our designated stores in Lagos, Awka and Abuja.

No, you do not need to come with a weighing scale.  All our designated depots and showrooms are equipped with a weighing scale, you just need to come with your mattress.

All foam mattresses regardless of the age are acceptable for mattress swap provided the mattress is not  contaminated by urine, blood or permanent stains. 

Winco Foam industries accept all brands of mattresses provided the meet the swap criteria. 

Only full foam or orthopaedic mattresses can be swapped, we do not swap foam mattress that have spring or any other materials inside them       

you can as long as it does not have a pungent smell, even half a mattress can be swapped

Winco Foam do not offer cash for a swapped mattress rather you can use the swap value to purchase any product of our products.

All products in the store can be purchase with the value of your swapped mattress

Swap is an instant process, you just need to come with the mattress, after determining the value, you then use it to purchase whatever you desire from our stores  

Yes, you can use the value of your swapped mattress to purchase any other Winco Foam product other than just a mattress.

The only reason we might not be able to accept your mattress is if it has a pungent smell such as urine, toxic chemicals or similar cases

No, we only accept foam mattresses for now 

No, you can only use your swap value to purchase any product at the designated swap location.

Part of our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable development Goals and keeping the earth green is to recycle products in order to recreate new products thereby bringing innovation, cost reduction to our clients and at the same time keeping the earth green. This has been a mission of ours for so many years and the mattress swap process has ensured that we keep that mission running, and we will continue to push the boundaries on this front. Let's save planet earth, let's go green!