Winco Warranty


Congratulations on your purchase of a New Winco Foam mattress. Winco is committed to providing superior product durability and quality so that you may achieve a healthful, comfortable rest. Winco does not expect you to experience any defect due to faulty workmanship or material on any of its mattresses However, to protect the investment of our end-users, Winco Foam industries warrants that, at Winco Foam’s option, it will replace or repair the defective Winco Foam Mattress provided its user conditions are not voided as determined herein. This non-transferable warranty is for the original purchaser only and is expressly limited as described herein. Winco Foam industries  undertakes no other responsibility and all other warranties, either express or implied including specifically the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose and the implied warranty of merchantability, are hereby waived and disclaimed.

What Winco Mattress Warranty do NOT Cover

Our Mattress warranties typically do not cover:


Sagging below the determined threshold


Natural wear and tear


User-inflicted damage


Comfort-based complaints with no definitive defect

(too lumpy, too stiff, etc.)

What Voids the Winco Mattress Warranty?

Winco Foam Industries Mattress Warranty aims to protect the investment of our esteemed end-users from mistakes made on the part of the manufacturer. However, they aren’t ironclad. It is possible to “void” your warranty if you violate the terms of the warranty, which means it is no longer valid. Basically, if the Winco Foam can prove and establish that you’ve done something explicitly forbidden in the warranty, then we do not stand obligated to refund or replace your mattress.

Some of the factors that effectively void your mattress warranty includes:

  • The mattress is not used but rather is stored (whether long or short term) in any orientation
  • If Winco Foam Industry determines in its reasonable discretion that the mattress has been damaged, abused, or neglected
  • If there are liens or encumbrances against the mattress.
  • If Winco Foam industry determines that there is transferred ownership of the product
  • Customer misuse (failing to use proper support, stains, rips, etc.)
  • If there is the presence of Stains or discoloration due to use or misuse
  • Failure to remove the mattress from its shipping materials quickly enough
  • Failure to flip mattress on a specified schedule
  • If the law tag of the Mattress is removed

Mattress Warranty Details

If the law tag of the Mattress is removed

Winco ExclusiveHigh Density10 years
Winco SupremeLuxurious High Density10 years
Winco PorscheLuxurious High Density10 years
Winco OrthopedicMedium Density10 years
Winco GrandeurLuxurious High Density5 years
Winco DelightMedium Density1 years
Winco ElegantHigh Density3 years
Winco DivanHigh Density2 years
Winco ComfortMedium Density1 years
Winco BloomMedium Density1 years
Winco MeritMedium Density1 years
Winco SplendorMedium Density1 years
Winco BlossomMedium DensityNIL