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Porta Mat: 5 Reasons You Should Have One

Sometimes, you wish your luxurious mattress can be part of your travel accessories for the upcoming picnic, camp, training, religious retreat, family reunion, yoga class and other recreational activities. Unfortunately, most mattresses are large permanent beds that cannot be conveniently moved about, and with restriction on uses except you’d risk a quick wear and tear. So, you would need a mattress buddy that is flexible, easily adjustable and most importantly comfortable-That’s the Porta Mat.

The Porta Mat is a portable mat that suits most and if not all recreational activities, even more beautiful is the fact that you can have a beauty rest or sleep on it. It is uniquely designed to give you and your love ones all the comfort and support you need. Investing in a quality Porta Mat is akin to investing in a tangible asset. Why, it is a value driven and durable. So, why do you need a Porta Mat?
Let’s dive in

It’s a Fun Accessory
A Porta mat is a beautiful, colorful, light weighted fun accessory. While you plan for that special outing with your friends and love ones to the beach, wonderland, amusement park, Obudu cattle ranch or even a tour across the country, you are guarantee to have a memorable time with a portable mat. Moreover, it’s fun time, you don’t need any cog but accessories that enhances fun and relaxation.

It’s a Perfect Travel Companion
Our mattress is more than just a mere sleeping object, it’s the ‘friend’ we connect so easily with; we dream, sweat, laugh, cry, think and move on our mattress. So, we feel safe on our mattress, knowing that it’s a personal belonging. What if you have to embark on a trip and can’t carry your mattress
because of its weight? It’s time to get a Porta Mat. You don’t have to worry about resting your body on someone’s sweat during the yoga class, picnic or camp.

For Exercise and Meditation
Having your own Porta mat allows you the opportunity to practice and meditate anytime. It has a flat surface with an ideal firmness that supports your body while you exercise or meditate. For instance, while engaging in a child’s pose or downward- facing dog, with forehead on the mat during a yoga class, you are sure of a breathable fabric. Also, it’s cool to know that an can easily connect to you with your forehead down; your sweat, move, thoughts and what have you, since it’s your personal Porta mat.

It Enhances Relaxation
Ever desire to rest or sleep outside your house, maybe under the trees or at the veranda but was restrained by the thought of moving your mattress outside? You are not alone. With a portable mat, you can access the cool natural air outside your room during the heat period, and at anytime of the day.

Religious Purposes
A Porta mat is ideal for most religious gathering especially one’s that extends to more than a day or two and thereby requires a sleep over. Example of such religious meetings includes; retreats, camps, conventions, conferences amongst others. It may also be used for prayers by our Islamic brethren’s because of it comfortable surface.

The Porta mat is cost effective and efficient, this makes it a must grab for everyone. Shop Here

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