How your mattress affects your sex life

The wrong mattress can make intimacy not pleasurable for you and your partner. Certainly! This is true considering the relationship between a quality mattress and a good sleep. First, poor sleep could affect your relationship in incredible ways including reduced sexual desire. Whereas other factors such as a saggy, smelly or squeaky mattress could have an immediate effect when you are up to it. Unfortunately, when we talk about our failing sex life as partners, we barely could imagine that our mattress is the culprit. The truth is that if every other thing is put in check yet you seem to be struggling in the bedroom, then it’s time to check your bed because truly, your mattress affects your sex-life.

Regular sexual intimacy comes with a number of benefits. These include a stronger bond, relieves stress, aids relaxation, and boosts cognitive functions amongst others. However, this is achieved in the right condition-physically and emotionally. Therefore, we will discuss ways your mattress affects your sex-life.

The wrong mattresses causes sleep deprivation

There’s a strong relationship between the wrong mattress and poor sleep. Unsurprisingly, an uncomfortable mattress will cause you to toss and turn all through the night resulting in sleep deprivation. According to research, sleep deprivation has been associated with reduced sexual desire and arousal in women. Also, poor sleep could lead to depression, anxiety and other mental disorders that make you indifferent to intimacy.  Additionally, a lack of sleep can make you irritable and unnecessary angry at your partner making it difficult to even initiate sex. READ ALSO: How to make up for sleep lost

It does not provide adequate Support

Imagine making out on a dancing bed.  Quite Embarrassing isn’t it?  The truth is that there’s an ideal mattress firmness for partners. Using a mattress that does not provide the ideal support for you and your partner could make sexual relations unpleasable. Talk about the unpleasant noise or even mattress moan. Meanwhile, there are mattresses for couples, using this mattress can help prevent those squeaky sounds that tells people you are on it. A noisy mattress can distract your lovemaking and make you conscious of your environment.

Irritations and Allergies

Everything contributes to a great intimacy, from an alluring bedroom to a fresh and nice smelling mattress. On the other hand, making out on an old smelly mattress could cause irritations and allergies resulting in sexual dissatisfaction.  Most times, our old mattresses if not sanitized smells of accumulated sweats, dead skin cells and fluids that makes us very uncomfortable. How about the allergies due to dust mites and molds that leaves us sneezing even before the action.  Similarly, even your new mattress could disrupt your sexual relations if they are made of chemicals that do not suit you and your partner. Sometimes, airing this mattress is not enough, you need to replace your mattress with a more comfortable mattress that makes time spent with your partner a memorable one. More so, you can swap your old mattress for a new one, this will save you space and money.


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