Why should you quit revenge bedtime procrastination?

Revenge bedtime procrastination

Many Nigerians are guilty of revenge bedtime procrastination and you are probably a culprit. your daytime hectic schedule; from navigating the frustrating traffic congestion in some cities, meeting the demands and pressures at work, followed by cooking, cleaning, helping kids with homework and getting them ready for bed, at the end you’re drained, however, you crave a time for yourself to unwind. So, you decide to sacrifice sleep for some “me” time by scrolling through your phone for the latest news and movies, watching your favourite TV show, playing video games or chatting with friends on social media before bed or while you are in bed. This is revenge bedtime procrastination (RBD).

RBD is a tendency to put off sleep to focus on yourself at the end of a busy day and regain some sense of freedom. It is revenge because you decide to entertain yourselves at night to make up for the long stressful work hours that left you with little or no time for personal pleasure. So, you try to make up for the lack of free time during the day by staying up later at night and procrastinating your sleep time.  Consequently, this affects the amount of sleep you get and your overall physical, mental and emotional health.

Most times, these activities you engage in before bedtime are unnecessary and not a valid reason to stay up later than your bedtime.


Staying awake when you ought to be sleeping will reduce the quantity of sleep you get. This in a long run can result in sleep deprivation. Having quality sleep helps your body perform optimally and prevents so many diseases. Similarly, insufficient sleep has been associated with a number of health problems.

Insufficient sleep can result in cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks, heart failure and so forth. Also, you are at the risk of having metabolic illnesses like type 2 diabetics and stroke.

Also, lack of quality sleep has been linked to poor mental or cognitive processes such as thinking, remembering, problem-solving and decision making.  This can disrupt your productivity level.

Daytime sleepiness is another consequence of revenge bedtime procrastination. So, you lose concentration at work or in school resulting in low performance and academic achievement. In addition, you also risk getting involved in accidents due to drowsy driving.

Similarly, sleep deprivation is connected to mental disorders for example depression and anxiety. Also, lack of adequate sleep causes moodiness. Read also: How to know you have a sleep disorder


Create and stick to a nighttime routine

This is the first step to overcoming revenge bedtime procrastination. Creating good sleep habits will reduce the impulse to stay awake later than designed. Consistently follow your schedule so your body adjusts to your sleep process, this will make you fall asleep even when you decide to procrastinate sleep. Here are healthy sleep routines you should practices

  • Sleep and wake up at the same time every day even on weekends.
  • Avoid late-night feeding and heavy meals before bedtime
  • Do not take alcohol or caffeine hours into bedtime, note that alcohol is not a sleep aid.
  • Put our phone or tablet away 2 hours before bedtime, this includes other electronic devices.
  • Have a refreshing bath.

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Cultivate discipline

Poor self-discipline can be responsible for your inability to put away your phone while in bed or stick to your sleep schedule regardless. Sleep is the best and most effective form of relaxation.  In fact, after a stressful day, you should unwind by indulging inadequate sleep rather than other unnecessary activities that steal your sleep time.

Create a conducive sleep environment

Let your bedroom be a sleep haven. Put off every source of blue lights: television screens, phones, tablets, this is because blue lights make you more alert and awake rather than sleepy. In addition, Remove clutter and any other distractions such as loud music. Make your bedroom inviting for sleep. Keep it dark and quiet. Get a very comfortable mattress and pillow that adequately supports your neck, spine and overall body. Again, ensure your beddings are clean and inviting. You should drift to dreamland minutes in bed.

Manage your stressors

Reduce your workload if possible and cut down on activities that leave you exhausted. We recommend you reduce your work hours to at least 7 pm so you can have enough time to rest and unwind. Do not work up to your bedtime, this gives room to revenge bedtime procrastination.


Bedtime is not a time to take stock of your life, what is working and not. It’s a time to sleep, and even if you want to reflect on your life,  think about the beautiful memories, write out the things you are grateful for and take note of what went right. This will help you fall asleep quickly because pleasurable memories release happy hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin.



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