Which luxury mattress is the best to buy in Nigeria?

luxury mattress

If the priority is unparalleled comfort and luxurious sleep, opting for a luxury mattress brand in Nigeria that never compromises on the quality of its product is the first step to achieving your goal. Luxury mattresses are exceptionally crafted with the finest materials to provide thick comfort, serene and superlative sleep. These high-end mattresses ensure you start your day full of vitality and ready to take your day. Also, while luxury mattresses don’t come cheap in comparison to regular mattresses, the investment is worth it. This is because they are fabricated with high tech materials and crafted with precision and love.

Before you come back home with a luxury mattress that gives you a regular feel and makes you regret your quest for a luxurious sleep,

Here are the best luxury mattresses to buy in Nigeria.

 Exclusive mattress


Do you desire the luxurious feel of a 5-star hotel? The Winco Exclusive mattress is the ideal product for you.  This mattress is crafted by one of the few sleep expert companies that offer innovative sleep solutions in Nigeria. It is durable, comfortable and has a 10years warranty with a 14-days sleep trial. Also, It is manufactured with a hybrid design that performs a range of functions for various body types and sleep positions.

The Winco exclusive mattress is designed with a 238 innerspring coil that stabilizes the mattress and promotes airflow. It is engineered to provide targeted support to sleepers regardless of body type. Additionally, This mattress has the power to shape your life, from the physical comfort offered to the vital importance of the priceless good night sleep you will get.

Price range: 252,300.00 – ₦353,300.00

Supreme mattress

Best Mattresses(Supreme Mattress))
Supreme Mattress

Winco supreme is a hybrid mattress that is engineered to contour the body and alleviate pressure points. It is a two-faced luxurious mattress that offers you two comfort levels in a single mattress. The Winco supreme mattress is constructed with a 75 density orthopaedic foam making it the ideal product for people who have pain or ailments/aches.

It provides contouring and pressure relief. Also, this luxurious sleep product has a support core that works to increase airflow and isolate motion. In addition, it is designed to offer the support that sleepers of all body weights require to achieve proper spinal alignment. Besides, You have a 10 year warranty period and a 14 day sleep period.

Price range: 278,300.00 – ₦387,200.00

Porsche Mattress

Best Mattresses(Porsch Mattress)
Porsche Mattress

Winco Porsche is a 30 density luxury mattress constructed to aid even contouring and weight distribution.  Consequently, this help reduces discomfort in the shoulders, lower back, and other areas along the spine that are susceptible to aches, pains, and pressure points.

Price range: 78,400.00 – ₦152,100.00



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