Where to get quality mattress(es) with 14 Night Trial Period in Nigeria

14 Night Trial
Sometimes, we need to be doubly sure of our choice and investment considering how frustrating it could be to buy the wrong mattress. This is why Winco Foam gives its prospective buyers a 14 Night risk-free trial to be sure of their purchase. You can take home a Winco mattress and see if it suits you risk-free. This is the best way to find the best mattress for you other than laying on it. Once at a store. Sleeping on the mattress for a period is the only you will know if you will wake up refreshed.


There’s no one-size fit all mattress

Mattresses are made with different components that interact to provide the needed support and comfort to your body. However, because of individual preferences, a mattress that suits your sleep needs may be uncomfortable and unsupportive to another. So, a free trial period will help you ascertain if the mattress suit your body type, sleep position and ultimately provides the needed support and comfort your body needs.  You can exchange the mattress for another if you do not get the right support.

A trial period will save you extra cost

You don’t only get disappointed and frustrated when you buy the wrong mattress, you also spend more money if you do not have a free trial period. Some people are forced to shop for another mattress, whereas others are stuck with an uncomfortable mattress that could ruin their health for a long time. To avoid additional expenses, make sure to buy your mattress from brands that give a free trial period.

Detailed verification

A free trial period gives you the opportunity to verify the quality of a mattress. By testing your mattress, you will authenticate the comfort and support claims of the mattress vendor or sales outlet without a cost to you.

It provides security on your investment

Mattress shopping in comparison to buying food items and clothes could be a technical task. Sometimes, you may decide to make a purchase based on the recommendations of the salesperson, friends, and other family members. Nevertheless, you need protection from the mattress sales outlet to back up your decision. What if you realize few nights after purchase that the mattress is either too hard or soft for you? With a 14 Night trial, you are covered.

Find the right comfort

It could be really frustrating to discover that you are stuck with an uncomfortable mattress a few days after purchase. The essence of investing in a mattress is to get a night of restful sleep and any mattress manufacturer or vendor should help you achieve that. So, a free trial period is the best way to get the right comfort for you, if you find out the mattress isn’t adequate for your sleep health, switch it for a more comfortable one.

It validates the mattress brand

The truth is only reputable mattress manufacturers gives a trial period. Buying a new mattress is an important investment that involves your hard-earned cash so it is important you have the chance to test it in real life. A reputable mattress manufacturer or retailer should care about your sleep and not only sales. A free trial period provides confidence in their product and indicates that your maximum comfort is what they seek. So, buy from mattress brands that offer a free trial period because your new mattress is an important purchase.


Winco foam gives a 14 Night trial period on its Orthopaedic mattress, Semi orthopaedic mattress, Luxury mattresses, Dual side mattress, and some of its Regular mattresses.
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