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A comfortable pillow is the key to getting a good night’s sleep while keeping insomnia, muscle aches, and other nightly troubles at bay. Investing in new quality pillows can be ridiculously expensive, that’s why we have put together a list of the best affordable pillows in Winco Foam, Nigeria. We researched each of our products to ensure we bring to you a perfect combination of quality, and good price. Our decision is based on two key factors:


Here we consider the softness of the pillows and how well it cradles the head. We sought out options that are cozy, supportive, and offers just the right amount of density, with fillings that range from plush microfiber to foam crumbs that can be customized.


Are you wondering if the pillows would last? Here’s your answer, typically, fabrics like polyester, cotton, and rayon offers the most durability without sacrificing your comfort.

Here are some of our quality pillows you should check out:


This pillow is made from foam chips and an inner layer of soft foam under a sleek cotton textile, enhancing the feel of the pillow. This pillow is both durable, comfortable and provides adequate support for the neck. The Winco Super Pillow is also easy to clean. You can get these beauties for as low as N1100- N1650. Hurry now while stock lasts.


The second on our list is the Winco Foam “flagship pillow”, the Classic Pillow. It is a conventional pillow made from high quality foam chips, it is firm and fairly holds its shape when weight is on it. It goes for as low as N990 to N1430.No doubt, this product is highly economical for students.


Made from high quality fiber fillings and packaged to weigh 1kg, the Elegant Pillow is malleable and adjusts easily to fit the shape and weight of the head and neck, ensuring proper alignment and a healthy sleep. You can be assured to get great value for your money from a price range of N2200-N4950.


The last, but definitely not the least is the Winco Memory pillow. It is considered a very desirable type of pillow due to its resiliency, ability to retain shape, and the enhanced cushiness. Memory pillows have been known to help relieve shoulder and neck pain that comes from sleeping with less responsive pillows. Without a doubt, the Winco Memory Pillow is worth every kobo, spare N5500 to N9350 and one of this would be yours.

Hurry now and grab your affordable Winco Pillows today! We love to hear from you.



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