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Most people suffer silently from skin irritation, itching and allergies as a result of bedbugs, and dust mite unknowingly living in their mattress. Not to worry, at Wincofoam our liquid free mattress sanitization service is guaranteed to keep your mattress 100% bacteria free and ready for instant use, ensuring an improved quality of sleep and a renewed well-being.  sanitize

The Winco mattress sanitization service is one in many services our brand provides to customers to help ensure that they get the best value off their mattress. Our mattress sanitization process uses a powerful portable UVA mattress cleaning equipment that extracts dust mites and other harmful objects that are deeply embedded in a mattress and upholstered items. It doesn’t matter how often you change your bed sheets or sun dry your mattress, there could still be millions of dust mites along with other harmful bacteria and contaminants deeply embedded in it.

There is only one safe, chemical -free way to clean and sanitize a mattress properly, and it is the Winco mattress sanitization process. Our equipment are top-notch, and our services value are unprecedented to none considering our years of experience in the mattress business.


According to research, the number of years you use your mattress determines the numbers of bacteria and germs living in them as represented on the images below


The average human being spends most of their life lying on a mattress (more than eight hours a day, according to statistics). We spend a lot of time researching the best mattresses, testing them out, and worrying about how they make our body feel. But have you thought about how many bacteria are living in yours?

Health Risks

Recent studies have determined that an alarming number of harmful germs exist in your sleeping environment, including Cladosporium and streptococcus. These two contaminants in particular were found in 50% of mattresses and are major triggers of sickness and diarrhea. These statistics were based on 154 mattresses that were tested in hospitals and homes. Leading experts have concluded that you would have a much higher concentration reading in hotel and commercial apartments compared to a mattress found in private homes due to the less sanitary nature of the surrounding environment.

The reason for the testing was to determine how effective the decontamination of the bed was once the occupant had been moved, using a disinfectant spray.
The study results suggested that the usual disinfection procedures, instead of diminishing the number of microbes, merely displace them from one part of the mattress to another. The number of microorganisms remains the same.

The good news is that Winco sanitization process is a totally “Natural,” no-chemical, no-moisture process that is capable of neutralizing all impurities found in your mattress. This is only possible by sanitizing both the surface and the inside of the mattress by combining a UV Germicidal lamp with a powerful extraction device.     sanitize
In your lifetime your body will have more close contact with your bed than with any other piece of furniture.

The simple truth is ‘we all release as much as a pint of sweat each night and our bodies are permanently shedding skin’. Adding these to the bacteria that are formed from the other fluids our bodies release and deposit on the mattress. It makes you wonder why this problem has never been studied and remedied until now.
You now have the choice to sleep in a healthy and sanitized environment in the comfort of your own home.

Why WINCO?   sanitize

Winco mattress Sanitizing process is an all-natural, chemical-free, dry treatment procedure that effectively removes and destroys dust mites, fungal spores, bacteria and other harmful debris living in the mattress.

You derive the following from our services:

  • Dry, chemical-free, no toxins
  • No drying time required
  • Kills 100% virus and bacteria
  • No moisture to penetrate mattress
  • 72+ hour residual effect to continue destroying allergens
  • Safe on all types of mattresses and pillows
  • Color safe, no bleaching agents
  • Neutralizes odor inducing bacteria
  • Stress free
  • Completely portable system


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