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What To Consider When Buying A Mattress For An Elderly Person

We all need good comfort when we sleep no matter our age or body type. Notably, the importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be overemphasized. Whether young or old, your body needs to get the right amount of sleep for you to continue to function well. In today’s article, we want to shift our focus to the older folks. As the body ages, a lot of changes become evident-this that can result in a special need for the elderly to continue to enjoy maximum comfort.

Getting the right mattress for your aged parent, or getting the right mattress as an aged adult would help you eliminate unwarranted stress. Therefore, you need to pay attention to getting the right mattress. What may suit Mr. 85 may not be appropriate for Mrs. 70 because of their different body types and sleep needs. You could speak with an expert to identify your unique sleep need.

Choosing a mattress for the elderly

Quickly, let us see those things to consider when you want to purchase a mattress for an aged person. First, you need to know how to choose a mattress for the elderly. There are certainly so many types of mattresses on the market, however, knowing the appropriate one for the elderly may be a little challenging. But with the right knowledge, you would have little or no difficulty scaling through this phase. Here are the simple things to look out for:


The right mattress guarantees comfort as well as supports the body. It helps to maintain spinal alignment alongside relieving pressure point areas. With a comfortable mattress, you have no difficulties standing up from the bed neither will there be cases of having a body or joint ache. These are good reasons why you should put the right mattress into consideration if you are planning on purchasing one for an elderly woman or man.


Often, quality comes with a high cost, but then there are qualities you can get at affordable rates. A good quality mattress with a quality material would provide soothing coziness and also last for a meaningful period.

Easy movement

Consider a mattress that supports ease of movement. This type of mattress makes it easy for an adult to move around without much ado. A mattress that does not allow for too much motion transfer and guarantees ease of movement is a perfect fit for any aged person.


It is cogent that you get to know the mattress firmness level that would be most appropriate for you or your body type. Not all aged people require orthopedic or very hard mattresses. On average, a moderately firm mattress would be great for an aged person, however, this largely depends on the weight of the individual. But in the case of chronic backache, a doctor may recommend a hard mattress. You can visit a mattress shop to test which is the most perfect for you.

Go for breathable materials

Mattress with breathable fabrics allows for airflow which can contribute to temperature level. A mattress that regulates body temperature absorbs body heady heat as well as makes it easy for seniors to fall asleep with ease.

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