There are many factors to consider when shopping for a new mattress; factors like brand name, feel of the mattress, materials used to make it, size and sometimes even a warranty. But there is one factor many people do not think to consider when shopping for a new mattress and that is edge support.


Edge support is the amount of resistance a mattress provides around the edges. It is important for two main reasons:

  • More edge support means less sagging and falling towards the edge.
  • edge support provides stable support to on the side of the bed, which is important for those with hip or joint pain or have a hard time getting up from a low position.

Edge support prevents you from rolling off the bed or slide off the edge of the mattress as you tie your shoe in the morning, this is a few reasons why edge support matter.


Edge support will benefit a lot of people but the plus-size community stands to gain a lot from proper edge support, as it guarantees security while sleeping, stable edge seating, more room to sleep in, durability of the mattress and finally ensures proper comfort.

Security while sleeping

Ever rolled off the bed while you slept? Nothing is more embarrassing than that. A good edge support keeps you securely in place, even when you sleep close to the edge. A firm edge acts as an extra barrier to ensure your safety if you toss and turn.

Stable edge seating

Asides from sleeping, a good number of people sit in bed, be it watching your favorite show on TV, rummaging through the side table, reading a book or even praying; edge support provides a stable, long-lasting surface for you to perform these activities. And like we have mentioned, edge support is particularly great for people with chronic hip or joint pain who have a hard time getting up from low positions.

Increased surface area

A firm all round sleep surface gives you more space on the mattress. A strong edge support in a mattress increases the sleeping surface by 20%, this is great for people who tend to turn and toss when they sleep. It is also important for partners, as it gives both more room to sleep in.

Comfort and Longevity

Edge support makes mattresses more comfortable and elongates the life span of your mattress. READ ALSO: 5 Habits that threatens the lifespan of your mattress


Not all mattresses have great edge support but orthopedic mattresses, few foam mattresses (depending on its densities) and some spring mattresses also have great edge support.



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