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Most people do not know that an orthopaedic mattress is not for everyone. More worrisome is the rising trend in the decision of young people to opt for orthopaedic mattresses because of their durability. Using the wrong mattress could mean all the difference between good health and bad one. Sleeping on the wrong slumber surface could harm your crooked spine or joints that can affect your productivity in the long run. Also, you will always wake up exhausted and too tired to seize your day. This is also true with using an orthopaedic mattress when it’s not ideal for you.

In recent times, there has been an increasing demand for orthopaedic mattresses. This is because of the rising complaints about constant back and joint pains. One of the causes of back and joint pains are jobs that put unhealthy strains or stresses on your pressure points. Again, not having enough rest and engaging in physical exercises puts you at an increased risk of having aching joints.  In addition, elderly people are more susceptible to joint and back pains

Quality Orthopedic mattresses are solid firm mattresses that are tailored to support your back, joint, and overall body and alleviate pains in this area. They are therapeutic mattresses that promote spinal alignment, aid even weight distribution, isolate motion and enhance a healthy posture. Still, they can harm your body if it is not an ideal fit for you. One mistake a lot of people make is switching to an orthopaedic mattress on impulse. Some people’s choice of an orthopaedic mattress is influenced by a temporary sleep need.


When you get a professional recommendation

It is safe to get an orthopaedic mattress when it is recommended by a professional. This could be a doctor, sleep expert or mattress expert recommendation. Interestingly, the design and manufacturing of orthopaedic mattresses were influenced by the medical study of orthopaedics which focuses on disorders and deformities of the spine and joints. So, if you think you need an orthopaedic mattress, consult a professional to be sure it’s ideal for your situation.

If you have chronic back, joint or body pain

All pain isn’t chronic. Do not rush to get an orthopaedic mattress because you feel back, joint or neck pain. Some pain is short-term and does not last for more than a month or two at a time. It is safer to deal with the pain head-on with medications, stretches, exercises or any other do–it–yourself remedy. However, if it is persistent or very bad back, joint or body pain, then you should buy or use an orthopaedic mattress.

When you sleep comfortably on a hard floor

If you sleep more comfortably on a hard surface every day rather than your soft mattress then it is a sign that your body needs a firmer bed surface. This means if you abandon your current mattress because you prefer to sleep on the hard floor, it may be because the solid firm surface helps you sleep soundly by supporting your frame, reducing the pain you feel and help you wake up fully restored.  To upgrade the comfort you get, buy or use an orthopaedic mattress.


Quality of the mattress

Do not fall prey to the proliferation of fake mattresses. Buying an inferior bed will compound your problem. As much as you want to work with your budget, prioritize quality over price. Also, ensure you buy your orthopaedic mattress from a reliable brand, sales outlet, distributor etc.

Your budget

Orthopaedic mattresses are costlier than regular mattresses. Their prices are determined by the materials, sizes and quality. You should plan your purchase with the amount of money you have. This means searching for an orthopaedic mattress brand that offers a quality product within your budget.

Consider your sleep partner

Before buying an orthopaedic mattress you have to consider the person you would be sharing the bed with. Do they suffer chronic back, neck or joint pain too? Would they be comfortable sleeping on it? If your sleep partner did not also get a recommendation to use an orthopaedic mattress then it is ideal to opt for a dual-sided mattress (a mattress with a firm and soft side) or a semi orthopaedic mattress.

Reason for purchase

As stated earlier, the orthopaedic mattress is not designed for everyone. You should buy an orthopaedic mattress if you suffer chronic back, neck, joint or overall body pain. Additionally, if a professional recommends it or if your sleep needs demand you get it. Do not purchase an orthopaedic mattress because your friend or loved one uses it or due to its durability.


There are various brands, sizes, and types of orthopaedic mattresses in Nigeria. You can either buy your orthopaedic bed online or offline. Before buying online make sure you do your due diligence. Read reviews and research about the company. Then, place your order on websites and online marketplaces such as JIJI, Olist, Jumai and Konga. One of the benefits of buying mattresses online is that you can compare prices, enjoy discounts and have your mattress delivered to you.

Most Nigerians are more comfortable and feel safer when they visit a mattress outlet to make their purchases. One of the benefits of offline purchases is that you have an opportunity to experience the mattress and choose by experience, interact with sales personnel and establish connections and so forth. So, whatever rocks your boat, make sure you get the right mattress that would suit your sleep need.


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