Tips to Rescue your Sleep from a Snoring Partner

Snoring disrupts sleep

What’s more annoying than having your sleep disrupted by a sleep partner who snores? To think they are obviously having a “beauty sleep” while you are tossing and turning on your mattress unable to catch some sleep is even more frustrating. Truly, snoring is a common health condition that affects everyone, if linked to sleep apnea, the snorer experiences stroke, headaches, heart diseases and so forth, while the sleep partner or families of the snorer is often sleep deprived- this might result in low concentration at work or school during the day, anxiety, depression and fatigue.

Sometimes, as a solution, you may resort to covering your ears with a pillow but sadly, that’s not an effective solution. The fact is that, sleep is a very important exercise that helps restore our bodies and promotes optimal functioning the next day. However, being sleep deficient for whatever reason will not only have a toll on your health but on your relationship too.

So, you don’t have to endure or tolerate this sleep disrupting noise as this may ruin your relationship with your partner especially for couples. We have put together tips to help you rescue your sleep from a snoring partner. Let’s dive in

Sleep before your partner

Sounds simple right? The trick is to go to bed before your snoring bed partner does, this will allow you to catch some more sleep than usual. So, rather than struggling to sleep because of the unpleasant noise, you would have been long asleep. So what happens when they join you? Oops!!! Then you might be too busy having a beauty sleep in a ‘far away dreamland’ to be distracted by the noise or at least have few wake ups.  Nonetheless, you have a more quality night rest compared to other days.

Sleep in separate bedrooms

This is common amongst many couples and families; most couples sleep in separate rooms as a way to rescue their sleep from their snoring partner.  Again, some families create a separate bedroom for the snorer. However, this could strain your relationship in the long run. The snorer may feel isolated and inadequate which could affect your relationship. Notwithstanding, this could be a short-term solution, while you sleep in separate rooms you can also try other helpful tips.

Use ear plugs

woman- using-earplugs while sleeping

Wearing earplugs is one of the most effective ways to protect your sleep from a snoring partner. Buy a high quality ear plug that can help you snooze comfortably all through the night. Ensure they are tight-fitting earplugs that won’t fall off in the middle of the night.

Get a white noise machine

Sometimes, you just need to drown out your snoring partner completely to have a peaceful slumber. Interesting the white noise machine will do the magic.  White noise machines produce continuous relaxing noises that can both drown out other environmental sounds and prevent a room from being completely silent. After all, sleep should be enjoyed and not managed.

Invest in an anti snore pillow for them or Place extra pillows under their head

After all, you are the victim and being sleep deprived would do you more harm than good. An anti snore pillow will provide elevated support for the snorers head and neck hence reducing snoring.  Most people who snore sometimes are unaware they snore and therefore do not make an effort to stop snoring while some snorers acknowledged they do snore but are unwilling to seek help, You can exchange their regular pillow with an anti-snore pillow, or place quality pillows under their head to provide elevated support for their head  to allow for free flow of air, so you can have snooze comfortably.

Use humor and playfulness

Knowing that snoring is not a deliberate act, and can be very embarrassing when you are mocked.  You can help your partner stop snoring by deliberately playing around it rather than being hard on them.  In this way, you can record your partner snoring to help them acknowledge they have a problem if they are in denial, then, you can introduce helpful tips that can help them stop snoring. 

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