Tips On How To Identify A Quality Mattress

Often, when people shop for items or products in the market, they usually have defined purpose and problems they intend to solve by the purchase they are making. Shopping for an affordable quality mattress has become a major problem to customers due to the increasing numbers of substandard mattress sold in the market today.

Before now, identifying a mattress made from low quality material was easy to spot in the market but surprisingly manufacturers of these substandard mattresses have up their game, almost making it very difficult and impossible to identify a low quality mattress in the market. This has resulted in making users get less value for their hard earn money.
On the average, we spend almost seven to eight hours on our mattresses at night. Sometimes, laying on a mattress for a very long time can tell on a person’s health, especially when the mattress is not a perfect fit for the user. Also, feeling comfortable and cozy in your bed to get enough good night’s sleep is very different from your mattress ergonomically supporting you at all times.

Truth is, with a million mattress advertisement here and there, it is quite difficult to see which ones are worth it and which ones aren’t. Not to worry, this article aims to guide prospective mattress shoppers on how to identify a high quality mattress in a mattress store or market and make better choices.


These are some of the features that distinguishes a high quality mattress:


Foam density is a key factor to consider before even thinking of buying a mattress, the foam density is determined by how closely the foam inside a mattress is packed. The density of a foam can be either high or low and as a person looking to buy a mattress, you should always have this in mind. Having a good understanding of the right density for you is important. In addition to this, it is best to purchase a mattress from a recognized outlet or store, as advice pertaining the right foam density that can carry your body weight will be given to you.

A higher density foam offers superior support to the back in every position. Higher density foam weighs around 75kg per cubic meter whereas a low density one ranges from 40-45kg per cubic meter.

This is a generally an important factor to consider before buying any household item. Normally, a good quality mattress comes with a warranty, before you purchase any mattress make sure you check if there is a warranty policy on the mattress.

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Price is very important to determine the quality of a good mattress, a mattress with good quality may not necessarily be cheap, but they could relatively be affordable. Having this in mind, it is advisable you have a budget before making a purchase.  Sometimes, the very cheap quality you find are not the best, however, you could still get quality without straining your finance

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Credit: Winco Foam Porsh


 Ironically, there is a little twist associated with brand names when it comes to identifying a mattress with high quality as some reputable brands leverage on their brand name to produce a low quality. This is not to make a caricature of any brand, what we saying is that, sometimes, brands make lower qualities available for those that can’t afford high quality products. But for the most part, brand like Winco Foam prides in quality and affordable products that serves the general market irrespective of your budget. Click here to view our products.



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