This Is What A Bad Mattress Does To Your Health

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Have you consistently slept on a bad mattress? How was the feeling? Certainly not a good one. Sleeping on a bad mattress is equivalent to a bad night’s sleep. No doubt, a mattress plays a vital role in helping you sleep through the night. You actually do not have to be a mattress professional to spot a bad mattress.

If you always feel aches without underlining health conditions, or frequently feel drowsy and wake up feeling tired, then you should know that your mattress is no longer serving you as it ought to. Also, a bad mattress may not look worn out and weak, if it is not the mattress for you, you would continue to have issues with it.  In today’s article, we want to see how a bad mattress terribly affects our general wellbeing. Not only is a bad mattress inappropriate for your health, but it also has side effects that could tell on your health.

Here are some of the ways a bad mattress tells on your health:

It causes backache

A bad mattress can result in chronic backache if not corrected. Of course, different things can cause backaches such as bad sleep position, old age, or even joint injuries.  A mattress that sinks when you lay on it or one that is not firm enough can cause backaches. If you have to use a soft mattress, ensure you go for one that supports your back and guarantees comfort.

It leaves you tired and drowsy

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If you arrive at work early in the morning and find yourself falling asleep when you should be active, then, there is definitely a need for a check especially when it’s becoming frequent.  When your mattress negatively influences the quality of sleep you get, it leaves you tired and drowsy. However, we know that it is normal to feel drowsy mostly at night and even at noon but feeling drowsy and tired in the morning is not a good one for your health as this may be your mattress having adverse effects on your health.

Reduced sex drive

Are you married and have experienced a drastic drop in your libido? Well, we understand that many factors could be responsible. But are you aware that your bad mattress might not be helping matters? Your sex drive is likely to drop if you do not get enough rest. Over time, research has shown that a lack of quality sleep for men can lead to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, either you are a man or woman, you need quality sleep to enjoy improved sex life. Get to know today if your mattress is giving you the comfort you need, otherwise, replace your bad mattress today and enjoy a healthy sexual life with your spouse.

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Weaken the immune system

A weak immune system would make you easily fall sick, this way, you become prone to any form of sickness. It is one thing to eat well and another to get enough sleep to help improve your immune system. A night of poor quality sleep can cause a lot of harm but if you get the necessary rest your body needs, of course, from a good mattress, you wouldn’t have to frequent the hospital.

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Just as a very soft mattress might pose a challenge for a user, a very firm mattress can affect you if it is not appropriate for you. A lot of people think firm mattresses are the best, but they are not suitable for everyone. You should only use a firm mattress if it is comfortable and supportive or it is recommended by health experts. Otherwise, it might be telling on your health.



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