This Is How a Quality Mattress Improves Your Health

Quality Mattress

Not every mattress guarantees quality sleep and as a result improved health. While some are concerned about getting a ‘cheap’ slumber surface without regard for quality, others will rather invest in a mattress that is comfy and promote wellbeing regardless of the cost.

Investing in a high-quality mattress is not a luxury but criteria for improved wellbeing and productivity. While the idea of quality is subjective, yet, when it comes to the choice of a mattress, a constant is a mattress that provides the needed support and comfort for your body.

Here are ways a quality mattress improves your health.

It Tackles Pains and Aches

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Your body needs all the support it can get to provide the required energy we need for a productive day. Sleeping on the right mattress provides a much needed support alignment for your body. Ever slept on an uncomfortable mattress? You sure wake up with pains in your back, hips or neck. This is because rather than have a restorative sleep, you would spend a greater part of the night tossing and turning, in search of a comfortable sleep position. A quality mattress saves you this stress by ensuring an even distribution of your body weight and relieving accumulated stress in pressure areas.

It Aids Weight Reduction

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Surprisingly, when your body is well rested, you wake up feeling light and renewed. This is because when you sleep more, you weigh less.  A growing body of research has supported this claim with further insights. Sleep has an overwhelming effect on weight loss or gain. For instance, while we sleep, we burn between 50 and 100 calories per hour. This is not to suggest that sleeping alone without other adjustment in your habits will shed all weight. However, when you sleep on a quality mattress, you are assured of a quality sleep with an impact on your weight. Not only does sleeping aid calorie burn, your cravings for foods with high calories and fat are also controlled.

It Eliminates Stress and Worries

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Many people literally use the expression “sleep and forget your sorrow” as a way to communicate the effect of sleep on relieving the day’s stress.  The fact is, you can only have a deep slumber that reduces stress on a quality mattress. Sleep is a restorative exercise, when you are well-rested, you are more focused and organized, emotionally balanced and cognitively sound. Not having the right mattress, set you up for nights of sleep loss and deprivation consequently increasing rather removing your stress level and adversely affecting your sleep quality.

Prevents Snoring


Your mattress can make a difference when it comes to snoring. One of the common causes of snoring is the mattress in use; the right mattress is designed to maintain proper head support which prevents the obstruction of your airways while sleeping. This does not only improve your health but it also improves the quality of your relationship with your sleep partner.

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Reduce Exposure to Allergies


Mattresses are breeding grounds for dust mites that cause allergies. However, a thick mattress surface makes your mattress less habitable for dust mites. Allergies caused by dust mites include sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, runny nose amongst others. These symptoms are capable of adversely affecting your health and productivity. However, a quality mattress provides a guard against these health hazards.





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