Things You Never Knew A Pillow Does


Pillows are generally known to be a sleep object that provides comfort and support for the head. While this knowledge remains undisputed, it is important to note that pillows are not only for sleeping. There are also other things a pillow does than just a headrest for sleeping. Let’s explore;

Serve’s Ornamental Purpose

throw pillows for decoration

Some pillows are designed to beautify a room. They are by their nature used for decorative purposes. One of such pillows is a throw pillow; throw pillows are the cheapest and easiest way to brighten your home. With the right design and color, your cushion and beds will have a beautiful look.

Safeguard’s Your Infant

New moms have had experience of supporting their baby with a pillow while they learn to sit or even sleep on a wide surface. Pillows are usually soft; therefore, they provide a safe landing for children if accident occurs. You can also provide a
safe play zone for your kids by decorating their rooms with throw pillows.

Improves Your Health

Woman good sleep posture

Most Pillows are therapeutic in nature. They are designed to provide health benefits to the user’s neck, head and spine while asleep. Choosing the right pillow for your health is very vital. There are pillows with enhanced health benefits such
as the memory pillow. The memory pillow are made from the finest foam material, it adjusts to shapes according to the degree of pressure. Meaning a memory pillow adjusts to your individual shape to provide the unique support for
your head and neck.

Provides Support for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, a woman experiences an overwhelming change in lifestyle. From change in eating habits, clothing and foot wears, self care, to sleep and rest position. A woman is expected to sleep on the left side during the second and
third trimesters, and most women experience hip or back due to this conditioned sleep pattern. As a solution, they find that placing a pillow between the knees provides relief.

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Perfect Travel Companion

For a less stressful and comfortable journey, a travel neck pillow is a perfect companion. If travelling by airplane, car or train, a pillow provides support for your head and neck more perfectly than the seat head rest which sometimes are hard or difficult to reach. The benefit of a neck pillow as a companion is will be  appreciated if you are on an economy seat in an airplane.

Enhance Bond Between Partners

pillow fight

Heard of pillow fight? Certainly, there’s no pillow fight without a pillow. A pillow fight is a playful fight between partners using pillows as a weapon that often ends in romance and intimacy.



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