Things To Eat For Quality Sleep

healthy eating for quality sleep

Every one desires a restful slumber after the day’s toil but not every sleep is restful as we sometimes wake up wishing for a replay of the night because we couldn’t get as much sleep as desired. A lot of factors contribute to lack of quality night sleep, notable among’st these factors is what you eat and drink before bed. Eating healthy and nutritious food is important as it affects our brain, health and overall activity including sleep.

Not all food helps you sleep better, for instance eating heavy, spicy foods close to bedtime will result in indigestion which in turn makes it harder for your body to relax and drift off to sleep. So here’s a list of foods to help you sleep better.

Dairy Foods

dairy products for quality sleep

Diary foods are a natural source of sleep promoting hormones. They contain tryptophan an essential amino acid that helps the body make proteins and certain brain-signaling chemicals which boosts sleep. Examples of dairy foods include; milk, butter, ice cream, cheese, yogurt etc.  For instance, warm milk has the ability to drift us off to dreamland because it contains tryptophan which if you consume enough tryptophan, your brain will produce more serotonin a few hours later, which will make you relax and feel good.


nut for quality sleep

Nuts which include almond, walnuts, and cashews contains melatonin hormones. Melatonin helps the body prepare for sleep by controlling the body’s internal activities. While Walnuts also contains fatty acids that contributes to better sleep, almonds are also a rich source of magnesium to improve sleep. Therefore, it is advisable to consume adequate amount of magnesium daily. Rather than consume heavy foods that makes you restless during the night, you can snack on this healthy nuts to enjoy a beauty sleep.


Consuming fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin can help you sleep better as they both increase the production of serotonin.  Examples of fishes with rich omega 3 content include: sardines, salmons, tuna, and mackerel. Research has shown that adults and children that consume diet rich in omega -3 fatty acids sleep better.

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Oat meal

oat meal for improved sleep quality

Oats are grains rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium which help improve sleep quality.  When consumed before bedtime, oatmeal aids relaxation and makes you fall asleep quickly. Think of a light healthy meal before sleep time; settle for oatmeal as it’s also a source of melatonin.


eat banana for healthy and quality sleep

Banana is healthy bedtime snack rich in magnesium, potassium, and vitamin B6 which makes you fall asleep quickly in a restful manner.

Quality sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle. What we eat and when we eat them interferes with our sleep a lot. Therefore, to sleep better, you must eat foods that will help you enjoy your sleep and avoid foods that would prevent a restful slumber.




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