Things To Consider When Buying Pillows


Having the right pillow that adequately supports the neck, head and entire body should be a top priority for everyone. Many people wonder why they wake up with aching neck and sore body despite sleeping on a comfortable mattress: truth is your pillow might just be the culprit. In fact, not all pillows are designed for you, and using the right pillow that suits your body and sleep needs will contribute to the quality of your sleep experience. This article is tailored to guide you on how to make your next pillow purchase. So here are things you should consider the next time you go shopping for pillow(s).

Sleep Position

Before you buy a pillow, you should put into consideration your sleep position. Many people make the mistake of picking just any pillow and sometimes their choice is influenced by the recommendation of their friends and loved ones with little or no knowledge of their sleep position. We all have a comfortable sleep position and to enjoy your sleep, you must get a pillow that suits your position. For example, If you sleep on your side, you should consider a thick pillow to make up for the space between your head and neck, ensuring even alignment. We also recommend that side sleepers place a firm pillow between their knees to promote even alignment. However, those who lie on their back should choose a flat, thin pillow that will properly align their neck and spine.

Pillow Stuffing

hygiene white pillow disp

Pillows are made up of varying components; and this determines the level comfort, support and durability of the pillow. For instance, Memory pillows are made up of  memory foam which provide benefits that a traditional pillow can’t provide; it can shape to the head and neck of its users, retain its shape and have a longer lifespan than the conventional pillows. Other pillow fills include foam crumbs, fibers, feathers, and wool and each of these pillow fills provides unique comfort.

Check Pillow Density

pillow firmness

You don’t want a pillow that is too soft or too hard for you right? Then you should consider how deep your head will sink into the pillow you are about to invest in. Pillows are mostly categorized into four level of firmness; these are soft, medium soft, firm and very firm pillows. For instance, Elegant pillows have a soft feel because they are stuffed with fiber, it allows your head to sink in and is ideal for back and stomach sleepers. If a firm pillow provides you with the cushioning effect you desire, then an investment in classic pillows would be worth it.

Purpose of the Pillow

Pillows are designed to serve various functions. While some serve decorative purposes, others are tailored to provide relief to neck or back pains, support pregnant women, suit unique sleep positions or even address medical conditions. You should determine your pillow need(s) before shopping for one.

Size of Pillow

It is laughable to use a baby pillow as an adult. This is because the size would obviously not suit your sleep needs as you would wake up with neck, head and body ache. When buying a pillow, you should opt for one that will provide proper body alignment and support.  Pillow sizes are designed to also fit bed sizes. So, you would want to know the size of the pillow you want to buy, to determine the quantity you need to complement your bed size.



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