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Things to Consider Before Buying a Couple’s Mattress

When you want to purchase a mattress, it is important to put into consideration the user or users as the case may be. This would go a long way in determining which mattress is most appropriate and would serve you best. Today, we will like to expatiate on the mattress that is most suitable for couples, especially in Nigeria.

Unmarried folks can conveniently use any kind of mattress they can afford since they are not likely to share it every day with a partner. However, if you are going to be getting married or need a mattress for you and your partner, then you should read this till the end to find the best couple mattresses in Nigeria.

Sharing a bed with a partner naturally demands that you get the right kind of mattress for you and your partner to be comfortable. We understand that there are so many mattresses out there which might make picking the right option a bit challenging, but here is a guide that will make it pretty easy for you when you are ready to make a pick.

  • There is something about a good quality product, do you know what that is? Almost everyone knows when they see one. A good mattress that would be a perfect fit for couples should guarantee comfort and quality sleep. Large sizes are usually advisable so that both couples can at least roll a bit and be able to stand up without disturbing their partner’s sleep.
  • No doubt, the type of mattress you use can greatly influence your and your partners’ sleep quality, therefore, we advise that you consider a mattress that does not transmit too much movement when a companion stands up. This could be a tough one if one’s spouse is pregnant, the one who is still asleep while the other person makes a move feels it more.
  • Also, you should consider the firmness of a mattress when you want to purchase one for yourself and your spouse. Know what you both are comfortable with as well as your sleeping positions. An averagely firm mattress should sort the worry about which firmness is most appropriate. On the other hand, you can consider a hybrid mattress, otherwise known as the dual-side mattress. It promises additional comfort and can be readjusted at any time.

Best couple mattress to consider

We understand that different experts would recommend different mattresses to various people. However, as experts in the field, we will only give a general guide to the kind of mattress you should consider when you want to choose a couple’s mattress. Here are the most basic types of mattresses that couples should be quick to consider when in search of the best couples’ mattresses in Nigeria.

  • Foam Mattresses: Just as the name of this mattress implies, it is made up of foam and helps to eradicate pressure on the shoulders and hips. The foam mattress comes in different densities and firmness. It supports stomach and back sleepers well enough to as well as guarantee great comfort. Here are some of the foam mattresses suitable for couples and can be gotten at Wincofoam. Winco Merit, Winco Elegant, and Winco Supreme.
  • Spring Mattresses: The spring mattress is a unique product that also offers couples comfort and also provides the body with the necessary support. They have their coils wrapped in materials and sometimes foams, this spring mattresses have a bouncing feel that makes you aware that you’re on a mattress. It also has different firmness that makes the mattress suitable for all sleepers. If you are considering a spring mattress that would serve you and your spouse, you can go for the Winco Porche or the Winco Supreme mattress.
  • Dual Side Mattresses: A dual side mattress gives you the option to use two different sides whenever you or your spouse think you need a change. If a side feels too soft, you could turn the mattress to the other side which is firm. This type of mattress distributes pressure evenly as well as enables you to sleep in the most comfortable way you want. At Winco foam, you can customize a dual-side mattress to amplify your comfort.

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