Sleep And Tech: These Apps will Improve Your Sleep Quality

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Falling asleep when needed shouldn’t be a struggle. The benefits of sleep cannot be overemphasized, and the amount of sleep we get regularly determines our overall well being and fitness. Research has shown that many people find it difficult to initiate sleep, as sometimes it takes 2-3 hours to drift to dreamland consequently reducing their sleep quantity and quality.

Interestingly, there are sleep apps that can help you sleep. Thanks to advancement in technology. These sleep apps are designed to help you relax, and have a beautiful sleep by preventing annoying noise, tracking your sleep patterns or through guided meditation. So, it’s time to put an end to the struggle to sleep.

The following apps will help you and your loved ones drift to dreamland and enjoy a beauty sleep.


Slumber App

This app has unique built-ins such as meditation exercises  designed to aid relaxation and sleep, it also features calming bedtime stories that are engrossing and sleep inducing. You would also enjoy beautiful hypnotic nature sounds such as the sound of rainfall that makes you drift to dreamland easily.

Head Space

Headspace offers user friendly meditation programs that can help you doze off, it’s easy to navigate and stress free for beginners. This App has a free trial package with access to a sleep cast consisting of new bedtime stories that brings beautiful memories.

Sleep As Android

This is a combination of a smart alarm clock and a sleep cycle tracking device. Sleep as Android also features a gentle nature sound alarm, lullabies, Spotify and play music integration amongst others. You will have your sleep score which is made up of your sleep duration, percentage of deep sleep, snoring and others.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep cycle

The sleep cycle app has a built in microphone that analyzes your movements as you sleep. With a sleep cycle, you would know the time you go to bed and find your perfect wake up time.  It makes waking up in the morning a bit easier.

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Pzizz offers a one week free trial. With Pzizz, you can fall asleep fast and wake up with a renewed energy for the day. This app uses sounds to create soothing imaginary dreamland scenes or settings. This is done with the use of music, voice narrations or sound effects. Uniquely, you can set a time for the duration of sleep using an in-built alarm, while you enjoy a calming sound that makes sleep a beautiful experience

It is important to note that while sleep apps are safe to use, cell phones can distort your sleep. You should be mindful of the blue lights that radiate from your phone. Safety tips for using sleep apps includes; turning on the protective device on your gadgets, keeping the phone face down while in use, switching to an airplane mode and ensuring your personal information is safe and private.



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