Simple Ways To Care For Your Mattress

It is not enough to get the right mattress that suits your sleep needs and comfort. There is more to buying the right mattress: you need a knowledge of how to care for your mattress to maximize the benefits of your investment.

So, here are tips on how to take care for your mattress to make it last longer and serve you better.

Switch Your Mattress Sides

flipping mattress

For your mattress to last longer, it is important to rotate or flip your mattress occasionally. When you rotate your mattress, you only  turn it by a degree of 180 but still lie on the same surface of the mattress , however, flipping involves completely turning your mattress over to sleep on the other sides. Though not all mattresses can be flipped, but if possible, flipping or rotating your mattress at least every six months ensures even distribution of the pressure on the mattress, reduces the potential of wear and tear and extends its life span.

Use A Bed frame

A bed frame provides support for your mattress. While some mattresses come with a bed frame you should get the right bed frame  that  can adequately carry you and the mattress.

Use a Mattress Protector

An investment in a mattress protector is the  easiest means  to extend the lifespan of your mattress. A mattress protector shields your mattress from stains, and exposure to dust mites and other pollutants.  With a waterproof mattress protector, your mattress will be free from spills, or bed wetting stains and odor that can ruin the warranty on your mattress or even result in quick wear and tear. If you want a clean and nice mattress for a long period of time, then get a mattress protector today.

Don’t jump on it

It may feel good bouncing or jumping on your mattress, but hey, you are setting the coils and fiber of your mattress up for quick damage. This means another budget and expenses for a new mattress.

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Remove Stain Immediately

Got a stain on your mattress? You can easily get rid of stains without harming your mattress. It’s important to remove stains immediately to avoid setting deeper into the mattress. You can remove stains by mixing a small amount of baking soda, salt, and water in a bowl. Apply the mixture to the stain and wipe away with a moist clean cloth after 30minutes. Interestingly, baking soda is also used to absorb smell from a mattress.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Of course, your mattress needs to breathe too. A poorly ventilated mattress restricts the movement of air resulting in so many disadvantages. Imagine sleeping on a mattress that continuously absorbs sweats, oil and even moistures from the air without proper ventilation. As expected, the  smell from such a mattress will be unpleasant; with a potential for health issues as this disturbs sleep. We recommend using a bed frame or bed base that is porous and regularly opening your windows to allow proper ventilation.

Change your Spot frequently

Certainly, we all have that spot on our mattress that gives us the desired comfort when we sit to tie our shoes, cream our body or even get dressed. Breaking News! That spot is under undue pressure and needs relief. Sitting on the same spot on your mattress every time can cause your mattress to lose its shape.  Imagine if that spot sags while other sides retain its form.





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