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Eating late at night puts you at the risk of excess weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease amongst other health complications. For a healthier and productive lifestyle, it is advisable to eat healthy foods at the right proportion and time.

In a 2017 study, researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania found that eating late at night raises glucose and insulin levels, both of which are causes of type2 diabetes. Poor timing of meals can also affect cholesterol levels which can increase the risk of heart disease or suffering a heart attack.

Eating your dinner as early as 7 pm can help improve your health drastically, therefore, the question of when to eat is as important as knowing what to eat. As much as you need to eat light at night, it is also crucial to consider when you should eat. Food eaten late night takes a longer time to digest. For some, it is only natural for them to feel sleepy once they are done with dinner, this and many more are the reason why your tummy keeps getting big, it is time you say goodbye to late-night feeding.

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Interestingly, the human body doesn’t have a definite clock but it does have a circadian rhythm that programs body functions like eating, sleeping, and other activities we constantly engage in. This means that taking your meal at the appropriate time can influence your entire body function and metabolism. Below are the things you stand to gain once you say goodbye to late-night meals.

Good Sleep

Overstuffing or eating too close to your bedtime can increase the risk of heartburn and indigestion, making it harder to fall asleep. In other words, when you eat late at night, your food takes a longer time to digest.

Experts warn against bedtime snacking as well. if you must eat very late at night, fruits are a better option.  Eating late in the night leaves the body in a state, which interferes with the circadian rhythm. It also prevents your body from powering down. However, when you eat your food earlier, it digests better, helps you sleep well, and wake up energized too.

Weight Loss

So many people out there have struggled with their body type at one point or the other, which they quietly find solutions to. If you belong here, we like to encourage you to first, accept yourself and take those actions that help you attain your body goals. It is a general fact that those that want to lose weight need to avoid late-night eating.

body size

Experts ascertain that “restricting your meal intake in the window of 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. can reduce the overall calorie intake drastically.”

Clinical nutritionist Dr. Rupali Dutta says, “An early dinner is good for digestion, and anything good for digestion aids weight loss. It is said that the body is wired to the movement of the sun. The later we eat, the higher the chances of the food lying in the intestines, thus affecting digestion.

Better Heart Health

It is advisable not only to have a light dinner but also an early one. In a report, Nutritionist Meher Rajput says, “For people suffering disorders like diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, and cardiovascular diseases, eating light and early foods rich in Sodium for dinner would go a long way to improve the heart health.”

We trust with these benefits attached to avoiding late-night feeding, you would finally say goodbye to unhealthy habits and begin to “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” As suggested by Adele Davis to avoid the dangers of late-night eating.



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