Pillows have become an integral part of our sleep and accessories. And it is not surprising because we were introduced to them right from a young age. It is often difficult for a person who has become accustomed to sleeping with pillows to fall asleep without one. But the question is, are pillows really beneficial? Do they help us sleep better or improve our health or would it be better to get rid of them?

Most people are used to sleeping on a pillow and can’t imagine a comfortable rest without it. At the same time, there are those who think that it is much more useful to do without this accessory.
Sleeping without a pillow may sound similar to eating without a plate, typing without a keyboard, or fishing without….You know a fishing rod or net.

But some schools of thought recommend it as a way to alleviate (or perhaps cure) neck and upper back pain. As it turns out, sleeping without a pillow works for some people, but not for others. If you’ve been wondering which is true, we’ve put some research into it and shared those findings with you here.

Are you more comfortable sleeping with or without a pillow? There have been multiple studies done on this subject alone. But what is best for you? While some people love to sleep on big fluffy pillows, others find them uncomfortable. You might be tempted to sleep without one if you often wake up with neck or back pain.
The benefits to sleeping without a pillow are numerous; however, these advantages aren’t one-size-fits-all. Sleeping without a pillow may only help if you sleep in a certain position.


1.    Prevents back pain: Bad posture is one of the major reasons you may be suffering back pain and one of the main causes of bad posture is the wrong choice of pillow. For a stomach sleeper sleeping without a pillow keeps your head flat thereby reducing stress on your neck and promoting better spinal alignment.

2.    Reduces neck pain: This is especially true for stomach sleepers, without a pillow, your head will rest in a natural position and it will also prevent nerve damage. It will also relax your strained neck muscles.

3.    Improves bone alignment: Because of your day to day activities your body can be in an anatomically wrong position for a longtime, which can affect the structure of your bones. Sleeping on a flat surface allows your body to find its comfortable natural posture and helps restore the musculoskeletal system.

4.    It improves sleep quality: When you forego a pillow, it completely eliminates the stress of waking up intermittently wrestling with your pillow to find a comfortable position.

Quality sleep

5.    Prevents head deformation in infants: Flat Head Syndrome is a situation when a baby’s head becomes flat on one side due to the unnatural position of sleeping on a pillow. Sleeping on a pillow is prohibited for children less than 6 months.


1.    Provides inadequate for side sleepers: If you sleep on your side, you should never sleep without a pillow, without a pillow your head will fall and cause your head to be out of its natural position leading to neck pain and if this pain persists over time, it can become chronic and never go away.

2.    Snoring: snoring may worsen when you sleep without a pillow, especially if you are a back sleeper. The fat tissue and in the folds in your throat muscles can over relax and cause your air passages to become blocked.

3.    It worsens some ailments: There a number of conditions that require you to sleep with your head slightly raised:
•    Glaucoma
•    Acid reflux
•    Heart failure
•    Lung congestion
•    Predisposition to ischemic stroke

4.    It is not comfortable for some sleepers: Some people just cannot go to bed if they do not have a cushion under their head; sleeping without a pillow is something they are not accustomed to and lose sleep when they have to sleep without one.

Medical Disclaimer: Let us first state that the information provided above is for your general information only, and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, or advice on treatment for any medical condition.  

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