This range is also a medium density range with a gold floral design. Has a blue color theme and designed for medium income earners who crave for executive feeling.

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The Winco delight mattress is a uniquely crafted mattress made with medium density foam, it has an appealing blue themed design to add beauty to your home while proving the needed comfort for you to sleep well, it very durable and affordable.


6ft X 2.5ft X 3inches (75 X 30 X 3)inches, 6ft X 2.5ft X 4inches (75 X 30 X 4)inches, 6ft X 2.5ft X 6inches / (75 X 30 X 6)inches, 6ft X 3ft X 6inches / (75 X 36 X 6)inches, 6ft X 3ft X 8inches / (75 X 36 X 8)inches, 6ft X 3.5ft X 6inches / (75 X 42 X 6)inches, 6ft X 3.5ft X 8inches / (75 X 42 X 8)inches, 6ft X 4ft X 6inches / (75 X 48 X 6)inches, 6ft X 4ft X 8inches / (75 X 48 X 8)inches, 6ft X 4.5ft X 6inches / (75 X 54 X 6)inches, 6ft X 4.5ft X 8inches / (75 X 54 X 8)inches, 6ft X 4.5ft X 10inches / (75 X 54 X 10)inches, 6ft X 4.5ft X 12inches / (75 X 54 X 12)inches, 6ft X 6ft X 8inches / (75 X 72 X 8)inches, 6ft X 6ft X 10inches / (75 X 72 X 10)inches, 6ft X 6ft X 12inches / (75 X 72 X 12)inches, 6ft X 7ft X 8inches / (75 X 84 X 8)inches, 6ft X 7ft X 10inches / (75 X 84 X 10)inches, 6ft X 7ft X 12inches / (75 X 84 X 12)inches


Fabric: polyester cotton fabric
Size : Different size
Color: Purple, Blue, Orange, Green
Warranty: 1 year
Customizable: Yes


  • Recommended for students
  • Recommended for bachelors
  • Recommended for middle income earner
  • Recommend for motels and guest inn


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