Pillow lifespan: Here’s How Often You Should Replace Pillows

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The average lifespan of a pillow is about 2-3 years. Getting a pillow replacement shouldn’t be only when you just purchase a new mattress. Mattresses often have a longer lifespan than pillows, therefore, once you realize your pillow is not functional like it used to be when you first got it, then you know it’s time to make a change. A functional pillow will help maintain spinal alignment each time you use it. Knowing when your pillow should be replaced would help you continue to enjoy your sleep as well as maintain proper body balance so you don’t wake up with body aches or pain.  Replace pillows

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Why you should replace your pillows

If you use a pillowcase for your pillow, then, you are doing well. However, you need to understand that your pillows absorb sweat, oil, dirt, and other elements that can penetrate the pillowcase into the pillow. This can cause your pillow to smell thereby leaving you in an unhealthy state if proper cleaning and maintenance are not carried out regularly.

Pillows are often used night after night, this can lead to wear over time. As your pillow wears out, it flattens and shrinks in value, and as time goes on, the weight of your head tells on the pillow, and then it becomes too weak.

If you have allergies and have used a pillow for a pretty long time, you should get a replacement to keep you safe from allergens that cause health hazards. It is true that you can wash your pillowcase as frequently as you want. Ensure you also change them as soon as you feel the need to.

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When you should replace your pillow

Earlier, we stated that pillows have a lifespan of about 2-3 years. Although this varies, certain types of pillows may last longer especially if they are very firm. However, we suggest that you use the right pillow for you, here is how to know the right pillow. Your pillow would last based on the material component and quality. But on a general note, we suggest that you change your pillow once you notice that it has become flattened and does not offer you as much comfort.

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How to know it’s time to replace your pillow

This is how you know it’s time to replace your pillow:

·   You see lumps or the inner material begins to form balls

·   You constantly feel neck pain or aches

·   Your mattress doesn’t support your body and you wake up feeling tired

·   The color has changed as a result of sweat stains and other stains

·   Your pillow has become extremely flattened

·   You have to constantly buy the pillow fillings (fiber, feather, etc.)

·   Your age and body type does not support your current pillow

·   Your current sleep position does not affect the pillow you use at the moment.



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