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I bought a mattress last three months but I noticed it was quite uncomfortable, a friend visited and slept on the mattress and he couldn’t sleep well also, the next day he referred me to Winco mattress sanitization website.I called to get my mattress properly cleaned. Now I see way comfortable.

Ahj. Taibat

Sleeping was always uncomfortable for our students and this has been a cause of concern for our management, we stumbled across Winco foam mattress sanitization advert on Facebook and we decided to give it a trial we were amazed by the job, our students now sleep better.

Chioma Chukwu

I slept on the floor for almost a month because of bed bugs living in my mattress, I have sun- dry the mattress but nothing worked, Winco mattress Sanitization was recommended by a friend and for the first time in a month I was able to sleep on my mattress.

Lizzy M.

We always patronize Winco foam mattress sanitization in our hotel, their service is efficient and our customers always come back to use our rooms because of our clean beds.

Mrs. Adepeju

Sleeping on my bed became a nightmare due to bedbugs on my mattress, Winco mattress sanitization team worked on my mattress and I got it back that same day, bedbugs free and ready for immediate use.

Collins Ukwu

My mattress is clean and very comfortable to sleep on, all thanks to Winco mattress sanitization.

Miss Toibat