Mattress Sanitization Service In Nigeria

Surprisingly, many people are unaware that a mattress can and should be cleaned. More disturbing is the fact that many people do not know what mattress sanitization is . With only a few mattress companies in Nigeria that offers a quick, easy and affordable mattress sanitization service, people who consider cleaning their mattress themselves are often overwhelmed with the thought of carrying out this function themselves.

Meanwhile, a number of people who clean their mattress using online Do it Yourself tips- baking sodas, hydrogen peroxide, vacuuming or sun drying for cleaning their mattress, discover that only the surface of the mattress is clean.

A research has revealed that we spend approximately 33years of our lives on our mattress; this means we use our mattress more than we use any household item, this is because our mattress serves one of the most important activities in life- sleep and so we use it every day.

Online reviews on mattress sanitization proves that it is a laudable innovation, with more households, school hostels, hotels and hospitals leveraging on this highly effective and efficient technology to have a deeply cleaned safe mattress.

Amazing facts about mattress sanitization include;

  • It’ s a liquid free process; this means the mattress sanitization service is done with a ultra violet light ray
  • It is chemical free
  • Completely eliminates dust mites and other bacteria’s
  • It get rid of odor or smell
  •  Approximately 20 minute’s process
  • You can use your mattress immediately after the process,

Here are benefits of mattress Sanitization

Promotes Healthy Living

Sanitizing your  mattress prevents the growth of biological matters and other bacteria’s that are harmful to your health. Sanitizing your mattress every 6
months makes your mattress a more comfortable place to sleep.

Prevents Allergies

Allergies are sometimes the result of dust mites and other bacteria’s that breeds on our mattress due to sweat, oil, saliva, urine and moist. These allergies such as runny nose, itchy or watery eyes, itchy skin, cough, sneezing and so forth, are discomforting and can disrupts the day’s activities for you. However, the ultra violet ray use in the mattress sanitization process will help get rid of dust mites, hence preventing allergies

Removes Odor

The Mattress sanitization process is a thorough process that permeates your mattress to provide a deep cleaning. Unlike the manual cleaning process, the mattress sanitization service will penetrate the mattress regardless of your mattress density, getting rid of foul smell that can make sleep uncomfortable.

It is Quick and Affordable

Effectively cleaning your huge luxury mattress can be really exhausting. But engaging a mattress sanitization company will not only save you
money but the stress of manually cleaning your mattress. So, you can relax or perform other task, while your mattress is sanitized.  Besides, it is not a time consuming process.

It Enhances the Lifespan of your Mattress

Mattress sanitization is a great way to even out quick wear and tear. This is because dust mites, bedbugs, sweats, skin oil and so on could damage your mattress if allowed to build up. In addition, it also protects your mattress warranty.



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