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Mattress Density Guide For Different Body Weights

There are many factors people consider when shopping for a new mattress. Some people consider their budget, some look out for the brand, while for some it’s the warranty. However, one important factor to consider when shopping is the mattress density. This is because mattress density is the key factor in determining quality, durability, and comfort.

Thus, this article intends to help you understand the different mattress densities for different body weights.

Below are the three types of mattress densities: 

  • Low-Density 
  • High-Density
  • Ultra High-Density

Low-Density: Many mattress brands now use this level of density due to the lower cost of production. However, a lower density means a shorter life span, less durability, warranty cover and less overall support than the higher-density models. Low-density mattresses soften much quicker, which can result in sleepers sinking through the mattress top layer. This mattress is more suitable for lighter weight people because their body weight does not put much pressure on the mattress. Our Winco Merit, Winco Bloom, Winco Blossom, are some of our low-density mattresses for light weight individuals between the ranges of 40 – 90 kg.


  • Less expensive.
  • Better airflow.
  • Good temperature control.

High-Density: This level of density offers an ideal mix of support, durability, and a fair price tag. The higher density cradles the weight of the sleeper while still keeping its integrity. These mattresses shape to the contours of the body, leading to better support in key areas such as the back, shoulders, and hips. High-density mattresses are very suitable for people with heavy weight. Our Winco Royale, Winco Grandeur, Winco Emperor, Winco Exclusive are some of our high-density mattresses for heavy weight individuals between the ranges of 100 – 200 kg.


  • Excellent support.
  • Very durable.
  • Long lifespan.

Ultra High-Density: This level of density is not commonly made by mattress manufacturers because they often come with a higher price tag. While they have longer lifespans, they are not ideal for people who sweat a lot while sleeping. This is because they provide inadequate airflow through the material. However, people with heavy weight might find this level of density very comfortable.


  • High durability.
  • Supports pressure points.
  • Longer lifespan.

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