Mattress Density Guide for Different Body Weights

Because there is no single general-purpose, all-encompassing mattress in the Nigerian market today. There are many factors to consider before purchasing a mattress. For many, their budget is the decisive factor. Others lookout for brands especially well-known and trusted brands, while many others prospect for a mattress with a good warranty because assumingly the longer the warranty, the better. However, there is no consensus as to the preferred factor to be considered before purchasing a mattress. Mattresses that guarantee great comfort based on the need of the individual should be the chief reason behind any purchase. More so, for great comfort to be achieved, it is imperative for the buyer to be armed with very useful information about the mattress density and how it appeals to their body weight and the specific health need of the user.

Thus, this article intends to help the buyer get a better understanding of how the various mattress densities will react to their body.

Here are some of the variables:

Light people (60kg. or less)

Lighter people typically sleep better on mattresses with low density because their body weight does not put much pressure on the mattress. In most cases, they sleep on the top layer of the bed. This means that they can still be comfortable despite the low density. Low-density foams cost lesser but can last for up to 6 years depending on the frequency of usage. If you’re considering a mattress for a guest bedroom or perhaps your body weight is below 60kg. The Winco Porsche, Winco bloom, Winco blossom are low-density foam mattresses that will make a good choice

Average weight people (60- 90kgs.)

Average weight people will do considerably well on a medium density mattress. These individuals should take sleep position and potential back pain into consideration when they choose their ideal mattress foam density. Winco products that will be absolutely perfect for such individuals include: Winco Delight, Winco Comfort, Winco Elegant, and the Winco Merit

Heavy people (90+ kgs.)

Heavy People tend to put more pressure on mattresses when they lie down. This means that they need a high-density mattress to lie on. What a high-density mattress typically does to weighty persons is to provide them with the support necessary to keep them comfortable and prevent pain. Weighty individuals should as much as possible avoid mattresses made of low-density foam. For a better sleep experience and great comfort the Winco Grandeur (semi orthopedic), Winco Orthopedic mattress is a highly recommended product to suit your needs.

People with back pain

Low-density foam mattresses have the potency of exacerbating back pain. A low-density mattress lacks the needed support and firmness required for someone suffering from a back problem. However, sleepers in this category should choose a medium-density mattress at the least. Although, the high-density foam will provide the best motion isolation, back pain relief, conformability, durability, and the greatest amount of support. Products such as the Winco Orthopedic mattress and Winco Supreme Mattress are ideal to help such individuals.

Senior Citizens

In trying to get the best mattress for senior citizens, one must consider two very important factors as it relates to the foam density. Firstly, is the degree of back pain, and secondly is the mobility or otherwise of the senior citizen. For persons with a chronic back problem, a higher-density foam will be required for greater support. The second factor to consider is how much trouble they have getting in and out of and moving around in bed. High-density mattresses are slow to return to its original position once it’s exposed to body heat. It also restricts movement which can be problematic for some seniors. However, based on Medical recommendations, the Winco grandeur mattress, Winco Supreme Mattress, and the Winco Orthopedic are ideal for senior citizens.

Sleepers on a Low budget

For people on a low budget, low-density mattresses provide the lowest-priced option. These mattresses do tend to break down more quickly, meaning that they’ll have to be replaced more often. When considering price alone, however, low-density foam far outpaces high-density foam mattress materials. For this purpose, the Winco Foam industry has got such buyers covered. It has a wide range of products to include: Winco bloom mattress and the Winco blossom mattress.


Armed with this information, next time you are searching for the right mattress for yourself, a family member, or a friend. It is paramount to consider the bodyweight of the supposed user so as to make an informed choice for the user. However, if you still find it difficult to make such informed choices, you can visit a mattress sales outlet for more information.


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