Mattress brand that offer innovative sleep solutions in Nigeria

innovative sleep solutions

Quality sleep is a universal need and a common promise of most sleep brands in Nigeria. However, only a few sleep brands in Nigeria follow the rapidly changing science of sleep to design innovative sleep solutions that truly deliver on the promise of great sleep. While some Nigerians still pride and drive themselves on less sleep while expecting optimal productivity. Some others are beginning to realize the relationship between sleep and productivity. Hence, placing a premium on getting a quality night rest at the end of a stressful day. After all, a goodnight sleep is priceless.

Also, lack of sleep does not only impact personal life but costs organizations money worth millions of naira in employee absenteeism, unproductivity and higher mortality.  Without sufficient sleep, employees struggle to concentrate, communicate, learn and handle work-related activities.  This explains the increasing demand and patronage of innovative sleep products that guarantee quality sleep.

Here are brands that offer innovative sleep solutions to Nigeria:

Winco offers a personalized mattress just for you

There are lots of mattresses in the market targeting everyone. It is oftentimes advertised as a one-size fit mattress. But sometimes, a customized mattress is a better choice than a “one type fits all mattress” This is because a truly customized bed is tailored to your specifications. You have greater control over the size, materials, firmness/thickness and so forth. So, you can personalize your sleep experience. Typically, this is a “build your mattress “, you have the leverage to design your own bed. This is innovative, isn’t it? Imagine you have a bed frame that doesn’t conform to modern or standard mattress sizes, you will need a custom made mattress.

The WincoFoam mattress customization service is one of the innovative sleep solutions in Nigeria. It offers you the flexibility and control you need. Their mattresses are available in standard sizes but buyers can customize the dimensions and corner shapes. The customization service covers all products’ from luxury mattresses, therapeutic mattresses such as orthopaedic mattresses to economy mattresses.

Currently, shoppers can begin the customization process via their website or visit any of their physical stores.   While the customization process can be time-consuming, you will save cost and time, working directly with Wincofoam. This is because they manufacture quality mattresses and pillows.  Also, it is important to have an in-depth understanding of what your sleep needs before initiating a customization process.

Most importantly, a personalized mattress will greatly reduce the chances of sleep deprivation. Resulting in a healthier, more productive and happier life. A custom made mattress ensures that your comfort and support needs are met. You can invest in a personalized mattress with confidence.  After all, you get as much as a 10 years warranty on some Winco foam mattresses such as the Winco exclusive or orthopaedic mattress.

Winco is the only brand that provides the mattress swap service

Winco Foam offers Nigerians in possession of old, abandoned, non-functional and uncomfortable mattresses the opportunity to exchange mattresses with a brand new one. This is the most valuable alternative to discarding an old mattress. Also, if you struggle with your mattress, constantly toss and turn most nights and wake up with aches and pain, these are signs you need to replace your mattress. So, rather than have your old mattress occupy valuable space and collect dust that can pose a risk to your health, you can swap your mattress in exchange for a brand new one.

How the Winco foam swap service works:

  • Your old mattress will be measured to ascertain its weight in Kilograms
  • You would be offered a mattress or any bed other bedding product worth the monetary value of your old mattress
  • While your old mattress is carted away for recycling.
  • All brands of mattresses can be swapped for a brand new Winco foam mattress or bedding product.

It is important to note that you are to pay or add money to measure up to the price of the new mattress if the monetary value of your old mattress does not completely offset the bill for a new mattress or any bedding product.

What makes the Winco foam mattress swap particularly appealing is that you can swap all brands of mattresses. Swapping your uncomfortable mattress for a brand new one gives you access to a more comfortable and supportive mattress. Read also: How you can benefit from mattress swap

Winco sanitizes mattresses in less than 30minutes

Regardless of how clean your mattress looks on the surface, sleeping on your mattress all year long without deep cleaning is harmful to your health. The Winco foam mattress sanitization service is another innovative sleep solution that eradicates bacteria, dust mites and viruses including Covid-19, mould and other harmful pollutants on your mattress. It is the most effective and efficient means of cleansing your bed. That is to say, you no longer have to spend the time and energy carrying out the long processes or steps to cleaning a mattress yourself when you could have a mattress sanitization expert do it for you in less than 30 minutes.

The mattress cleaning system uses ultraviolet light to eradicate dust mites and other harmful bacteria from your mattress. Here are the benefits of this innovative sleep service:

It is a liquid-free process: This mattress cleaning process is 100% dry. You will get a clean mattress without the application of chemicals.

Winco Sanitization service is chemical-free: This makes your mattress a safe place to sleep without creating allergic problems for anyone.

It gets rid of odour and smell

It is fast and convenient: You will have a clean-safe bed and perfect sleep environment in less than 30 minutes.


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