Mattress Below Fifty Thousand Naira In Nigeria

As a brand we understand that a lot people will be looking forward to buying new items in their homes and replacing old or bad items, this is inclusive of mattresses. You may be worried and disturbed with the “Where and What” questions I.e. where can I buy a high quality affordable mattress? At What price can I purchase an affordable mattress?

The IMF recently announced that the world has gone into a global recession because of the covid-19 pandemic.This means that economic activities on the global scale have been reduced to the barest minimum as consumers are only focused on the essential household items that are needed for survival thus limiting the circulation of money.

Mattress is an essential house hold item, it is an important furniture that has been proven to be valuable in every household. Research has shown that we spend almost half of our lives sleeping on a mattress and for anyone looking to change their old mattress for a new one and for those looking for pocket friendly prices, this article is for y


    1. DIVAN MATTRESS (45,000 – 50,000)

      source: https://www.wincofoam.com/product/divan/

      The Divan Mattress is a combination of bed-frame and mattress. Its base is constructed from a sturdy wooden frame wrapped with a quilted cotton fabric and with high quality foam on top to provide comfort. It comes in 2 models the standard design and the Orthopedic design. and yes, it is also customizable.

    2. COMFORT MATTRESS ( 52,700-6,700)

      source: https://www.wincofoam.com/product/winco-comfort/

      This is Winco’s flagship product, it offers you great and affordable comfort. Interestingly, it is known as the Comfort Mattress. It has a medium density that offers the right firmness, support and comfort, and yes, you can have it customized.

    3. BLOSSOM MATTRESS (5,800 – 45,500)

      source: https://www.wincofoam.com/product/blossom/

      The Winco Blossom mattress is a medium density mattress tailored to give your body the right support. It is economical and comfortable while maintaining its element of elegance. It can be usable from both sides because of its firmness, you could

    4. HOSPITAL MATTRESS (10,700 – 17,900)

      source: https://www.wincofoam.com/product/hospital-mattress/

      The Winco Hospital Mattress is a superior density foam covered with PVC leather; it is easier to clean and does not absorb liquid. The symmetrical foam layer is responsive to weight and temperature. The outer layer is anti-mite and anti-microbial which is suitable for any hospital condition. Buyers can have it customized to their taste.

      ELEGANT MATTRESS (27,200 – 68,800)winco foam elegant mattress

      source: https://www.wincofoam.com/product/elegant/

      Our Elegant Mattress has high density, and resilience. This luxury mattress has unique bonnel spring features. It is tailored to support your posture and distribute pressure evenly for better blood circulation. This product can be customized, and yes, it provides amplified comfort.

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