The price of luxury mattresses in Nigeria

A good night’s sleep is indeed priceless. Everyone needs sleep to maintain optimum functioning, this means that your body requires sleep to serve you better. Little wonder the Canadian rapper Drake invested $400,000 in a mattress without blinking his eyes. In his words “The bedroom is where I come to decompress from the world at the end of the night and where I open my eyes to seize the day. That’s interesting! For Drake, a good night’s sleep is priceless. The truth is that if you value luxury, your mattress should be the most beautiful and expensive object because just like Drake this is where you detoxify and renew your strength to seize the day.  After all, buying a mattress happens once in a while, so treating yourself to a luxury mattress that suits your lifestyle, class and preference is worth the investment.


# If it is luxury than its wasteful

Luxury mattresses are timeless investments that can be passed to generations. They are made with the finest materials inside-out and are built to last. The comfort on this mattress is magnificent- this is the most comfortable mattress. It is worth the extra bucks to get this luxurious mattress.

# They are not sold in Nigeria

Most people are unaware that they can buy luxury mattresses in Nigeria. Although, only a few mattress brands in Nigeria manufacture these comfy mattresses. Unfortunately, most Nigerians that love opulence wrongly think they have to place an order online to international mattress companies to get a luxury mattress.

# Its just mere appealing or flashy appearance

A mattress that can guarantee pleasurable sleep and ensures you start the day full of energy and drive to take the day is worth the investment. Besides, this luxurious mattress is made of the finest material. Sleeping on it would not only change your sleep experience but would alter your life.


You will make more money/ Save more money

Sleeping on a luxurious mattress means you would wake up fully invigorated and inspired for the day. You are set for the day’s transaction, you close deals and make more money. There’s no head, neck or body pain that makes you tired, frustrated and in a bad mood all through the day. Also, you would rather invest into businesses and projects and spend money on medications and hospital bills due to illnesses associated to sleep deficiency, constant body pain and ache etc.

It is built to last

You will save more money and time investing in a luxury mattress than a regular mattress. This mattress is designed with high-end materials inside and quality attention is paid to finishing. For instance, rather than investing in a new mattress every 5 years, investing in a luxury mattress secures your investment. In the end, you save time, money and effort. Again, we put in days to produce one of these mattresses. The hours of production and scrutiny could explain the reason for its durability and superlative comfort.

You should invest in your sleep

Quality sleep is crucial for a productive life. Like Drake, you should invest more for a slumber surface that helps you optimize your sleep time. Especially if you can afford it.  This luxurious mattress is made of breathable materials which help provide comfortable sleep. Also, the exclusive and Porsche luxury mattress is designed with spring coils enhances circulation and ventilation due to the space between the coils.

Optimize Comfort

Treating yourself to a luxury mattress is the first step to “living large”. Premium Comfort should start from the bed you sleep. This mattress is extremely cozy. If you are comfortable, you would achieve quality sleep hence attain better health. Luxurious mattress will provide upgraded, all round comfort, you would get the sensation from this mattress with no pressure points. You will feel weightless and sleep feels like an adventure to the heavens, this is why the luxury mattress is unique. These high-end mattresses come with free night trials and as much as 10years warranty, so you should BUY ONE NOW.

Enhance features

Luxurious mattresses are designed with advanced features that stands it out from the crowd. For starters, some of the luxury mattresses have spring coils for additional airflow and isolate motion through the mattress. Also, the uniform layer of foams aid even contouring and weight distribution, this helps reduce discomfort in the shoulder, lower back and other parts of the body that are prone to pains and aches.

Satisfaction and increase social status

The glorious comfort and cushioning support you will get from this mattress will make you proud of yourself. This is because the pleasure that comes from investing your money in a cozy mattress that guarantees superb sleep is unquantifiable. You could rave about this mattress amongst your friends and colleagues. However, the downside to this is that you may have more sleep over visitors.


Interestingly, the demand for luxury mattresses is gradually increasing by the day. This is because more people are beginning to realize that a good night’s sleep is priceless. So, for these people, placing a premium on quality sleep starts with investing in an exclusive mattress regardless of cost. If you want a perfect night’s rest, then you get a luxury mattress today.

Luxury mattresses come in different sizes, densities, materials and designs. However, only a few mattress brands manufacture luxury mattresses. We strongly recommend you purchase your luxury mattress from a reliable manufacturer or brand. Meanwhile, you should do your due diligence to be sure you are investing in a quality luxury mattress. Most importantly, it is not luxury because it is “expensive”, they are top of the line mattresses because they help you get the best night sleep. These high –end mattresses are the most comfortable mattresses as they can be customized to your specifications. The prices of these luxury mattresses is determined by the firmness level and components.


 Winco Exclusive Mattress                                 ₦252,300.00 – ₦353,300.00

Winco Supreme Mattress                                   ₦278,300.00 – ₦387,200.00

Mouka Royal Luxury Pillow top                          ₦209,295 – ₦328,892.00

Winco Porsche mattress                                    ₦78,400.00 – ₦152,100.00

Winco Memory Pillow                                        ₦6,600.00 – ₦11,300.00

Vita Sizzler                                                     ₦106,056.95- 209,355.22


Importantly, high end mattresses are not the regular mattresses that come handy. They are hybrid mattresses and so not all mattress brands manufacture a luxury line of mattresses. However, you can buy your luxury mattress online by visiting the website of your choice mattress brand or by placing an order via popular online marketplaces such as Jiji.ng or brands and have it delivered to your doorpost.

The online purchase helps you save time, effort and the stress of conveying the mattress to your home. Also you would be at leverage to compare prices, features, specifications that will guide your decision. However, some Nigerian’s are skeptical of online transactions and would rather visit the mattress depots or sales outlets to avoid stories. However strenuous, you can visit the factory, depots or verified distributors outlets to make your purchase. Offline purchase will help you establish personal connection with the brand, instantly use the product and reduce your chances and stress of returning the mattress. READ ALSO: 7 Benefits of buying a mattress online


Findings have shown that a quality mattress should last for at least 10 -15 years, however, you do not have to wait so long if you are experiencing discomfort. Here are 5 signs you need to know it’s time to replace your mattress:

  • You experience difficulty falling asleep
  • You frequently wake up at night or constantly toss and turn at night
  • Your mattress is obviously sagging or sinking
  • When you always wake up feeling tired, having body aches and pains
  • The need arises, this could be as a result of moving to a new apartment, planning to settle down or get married or an expanding family size.


The goal of the luxury mattress is premium comfort. The luxurious mattresses come with advanced materials, features and design that makes it stand out amongst the rest. The component of this mattress is worth the price tag. A true luxury mattress is one that meets your specifications, this means it is made just for you. Also, you wake up refreshed, full of vitality and inspired for the day. Interestingly, you can swap your old mattress for a luxurious mattress today.



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