Sleep is one of the most important life needs; all creatures need it to function properly. We breakdown mentally and physically without it; a lack of sleep affects our mood, ability to concentrate and focus. You might be following all the rules of getting a proper sleep like eating early, not watching TV before bed and having the ideal sleep conditions in your bedroom, yet you are struggling to get proper zzzz. 

It turns out that it is not just late night snacking and blue light from your digital devices that can disrupt your sleep cycle, there are foods that sabotage your sleep. Consider giving up some of these foods a few hours before bed and you may find yourself with the solution to your sleep quagmire. 


This type of food generally does not appeal to everyone but for those who love their food with that extra “torque” you just have to be careful. They not only raise your temperature but tend to be acidic which can lead to abdominal discomfort.


Acidic foods are part of foods that sabotage your sleep. It can aggravate the stomach lining and raise acidic PH levels in the body-triggering indigestion, acid reflux, heartburn all these have been known to disrupt sleep. Tomatoes are high in acidity despite being rich in vitamin C iron and lycopene. They also contain amino acid tyramine which is responsible for the release of stimulant that is known to increase brain activity and hinder sleep.


There is no gain saying why caffeine keeps you awake. Most people do not know that some of the foods we consume are rich in caffeine. Here are some foods that contain caffeine:

  • Chocolate – 31mg

  • Ice cream – 30mg

  • Protein bars – 14mg

  • Decaffeinated coffee – 12mg

  • Cereal – 11mg

  • Pudding – 4mg

  • Mints – 1mg


There is a school of thought that believes that alcohol helps you sleep better, but in truth, alcohol may help you fall asleep yet it prevents you from staying asleep. Booze causes many people to toss and turn during the night, meaning you will most probably wake up tired. 


Advertisers will say it is a slice of deliciousness but some pizza has tomato toppings which we have established is acidic in nature, if you like it spicy, then you are likely to suffer indigestion which will make it  difficult to sleep.


Soda is loaded with sugar and calories, when you drink it at night or immediately before bed, your digestion slows down and your body stores the calories as opposed to using that energy. It also contains caffeine.


These fruits are natural diuretics, meaning they help expel water and salt from the body. Consume them before bedtime and you might find yourself visiting the loo frequently during the night. You might also want to avoid high-fat foods, high-glycemic foods (white bread and white rice) and high-carb foods. ALSO READ: The best fruits to help you sleep better.  


We all love food and sleep—but they don’t always go hand in hand. Staying away from foods that sabotage your sleep  and eating the right foods before bed will go a long way in making sure you get a restful night’s sleep.



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