How your body suffers when you don’t get enough sleep

How your body suffers when you don't get enough sleep

Sleep is one of the most valuable asset in the world. Many people strategize on how to achieve every other thing- think: professional certifications, career goal, business etc. but plan less to enjoy quality sleep.  Unsurprisingly, nature has a way of penalizing the culprits of sleep debt- daytime drowsiness, lack of concentration, low productivity etc. However, these are just a tip of the iceberg.

While you are likely familiar with the ‘common’ consequences of sleep deprivation, there are other surprising things that happen to your body when you are sleep deficient. This is because your sleep habit has a premium impact on everything you need to function in life-immune systems, cognition and what have you.  So, it will be right to say that your body suffers, when your sleep suffers.

If you still think having quality sleep- a recommended 7- 9hours sleep for adults according to sleep foundation, isn’t a necessity, here are surprising ways your poor snoozing habit affects your body.

Increase vulnerability to diseases and illness

Not having enough sleep would not only make you sick when exposed to a virus but will also affect your ability to recover from sickness easily. Industry experts have reiterated the correlation between insufficient sleep and decreased immune response to diseases and illness. This is because while you sleep your body repairs it’s cells, and infection-fighting antibodies also increase, consequently improving your immunity to illness and disease. Sleep deficiency will severely hurt your immune system and expose you to more harm.

Reduced Sex drive

Getting far below the recommended amount of sleep can negatively affect your sex life. This proves a strong link between sleep deprivation and sex. Most people unknowingly experience sexual dysfunction due to stress caused by sleep loss. The truth is that, when you are stressed, sex hormones such as oxytocin and testosterone is lowered or suppressed. This could result in lack of interest in sex and other sexual disorder. Additionally, not only does short sleep make you stressed out, you can also be too tired and consequently lack the energy for sex. However, as couples you can improve your sex life by improving on your sleep duration. Studies have shown that when you sleep longer-between 7-9 hours of sleep, your sex drive will be boosted.

It can lead to Diabetes

An estimated 463 million people have diabetes in the world and more than 19million people live with diabetes in Africa. There is a relationship between short sleep and diabetes. While lack of sleep doesn’t directly cause diabetes, not getting the right amount of sleep can affect the production of insulin. This in turn raises your blood sugar level, because of the lack of insulin that helps your body turn blood sugar into energy, thereby resulting in diabetes.  Getting enough sleep will help regulate your sugar level and prevent the risk of a type 2 diabetes

It can increase your risk of heart disease

Poor sleep can adversely affect your heart health. On the other hand, when you enjoy a quality sleep time, your blood pressure is properly regulated, this will reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, heart failure, coronary artery disease and so forth.

Increase risk of obesity

When you sleep less, you gain more weight. Studies have proved that people who sleep for four hours at night are prone to hunger and increase appetite for foods high in calories compared to those who snooze for 8 hours or more. Another reason for obesity weight gain due to short sleep can result in fatigue which will make you less likely to engage in any exercise that aids weight loss. Also, insufficient sleep will decrease the production of leptin and increase ghrelin, consequently resulting in increased appetite and more weight.


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