How you can benefit from mattress swap

Mattress Swap

Mattress swap is the act of exchanging an old, used, uncomfortable and non-functional mattress for a brand new one. Our Mattresses tend to lose their value with time just as a brand new car loses value almost immediately after driving it off a dealer’s lot. A mattress can begin to lose shape, sag and wear.  This affects the level of comfort and support you get from it and negatively impacts the quality of sleep you get. Ideally, you know right away that you have to get a new mattress ASAP. So, what happens to your old mattress?

As a way of getting rid of the old, you may attempt to sell your used. Sounds like a great idea right? However, the truth is that not many people are interested in buying a used mattress because of its cleanliness. Interestingly, from the data obtained from Google trends we observed that compared to other home furniture such as chairs and tables, less than 10% of customers are interested in used mattresses. Besides, even if there’s a buyer you won’t get much for the mattress because it will be underpriced simply because it is used.

Similarly, it is not healthy to buy used mattresses, it is akin to buying the dust mites, saliva, dead skin, body oil, dirt, pain, discomfort and other problems that come with using an old, worn-out mattress. Sounds disgusting, isn’t it? Besides, there are quality and affordable mattresses in Nigeria. You don’t have to break the bank to get a quality mattress. You can buy one now.



Rather than have your old mattress collect dust and occupy valuable space, become a hideout for rodents and other harmful pests that can pose potential health risks to you and your loved ones. Also, swap your mattress for a brand new one if it is no longer supportive and comfortable.

Here’s how you can make money off mattress swap

Mattress swap is the most profitable alternative to discarding or replacing your old mattress. First, if you are discarding a mattress that is occupying valuable space, you will have a brand new mattress or other bedding product equivalent to the value of your old mattress which will be more valuable to you.

Now, if you replace your unsupportive and uncomfortable mattress you will have a brand new mattress. The mattress will be equivalent to the value of your old mattress. Also, you can add extra money to augment the value of your old mattress in order to get your desired brand new mattress. Typically, you will save more money. Rather than paying fully for a brand new mattress, you will spend a few bucks of money against the original cost of the mattress.


Your old mattress will not be refurbished, sold, trashed or burnt. Rather, your used mattress is recycled to provide a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment. Notably, only a few mattress brands in Nigeria offer the mattress swap service. Winco foam is popularly known to currently offer the mattress swap service. The mattress

How the Winco foam swap service works:

  • Your old mattress will be measured to ascertain its weight in Kilograms
  • You would be offered a mattress or any bed other bedding product worth the monetary value of your old mattress
  • While your old mattress is carted away for recycling.
  • All brands of mattresses can be swapped for a brand new Winco foam mattress or bedding product.

It is important to note that you are to pay or add money to measure up to the price of the new mattress if the monetary value of your old mattress does not completely offset the bill for a new mattress or any bedding product.


Individuals and organizations such as hotels, schools with boarding facilities and hotels can save more money, upgrade the comfort, and support their mattress provides through mattress swap. These mattresses will be recycled to promote a healthier environment. So, explore the mattress swap service today.



Mattress Swap: The best way to get value off an old mattress in Nigeria



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