How To Measure Your Mattress Size

How to measure a mattress

Knowing your mattress size is very important if you don’t want to make a wrong purchase. Before you get to place an order online or visit a mattress shop, take time to find out what the size of your mattress is. Quickly, let’s see how well you know your mattress. Try to answer this question on the spot.  What is the size of your current mattress? No wrong guesses.

 If you’ve been able to answer this question correctly, then kudos to you. However, if you got it wrong, it is probably because you’ve not taken the time to find out, or you just might have difficulties knowing how to measure for the correct size of your mattress. If how to measure your mattress is a challenge, then you need not worry, as we are equipped to take you through the easiest ways you can find out what the measurement of your mattress is to avoid a stressful purchase process next time. You certainly don’t want to go through the stress of having to buy and return, or do you? Of course not.

mattress sizes

To properly measure your mattress size, you need to understand these basic measuring terms:


length measurement

Let’s first get to know the fun fact about length. It is from the old English ‘Lengou’, but in middle English, it became ‘Lengthe’ and today we have it as ‘Length’. The term Length is used to identify the size of a thing or object; it measures how “long” it is between two distance points. It is often the longest side of an object. So, bear in mind that the length of your mattress is what tells you how long the mattress is.


Next is the width. Measuring the width of an object is equivalent to sourcing or measuring for the wideness. This requires you to measure from one side to the other. So, when you are asked for the width of your mattress, never forget that what you are answering for is the wideness of your mattress.

measurement for width


 The mattress inch is what tells you the height of a mattress. It is how you know that a mattress is too low or too high for you. However, in Nigeria, the height of a mattress is measured in inches.

Things like measuring tape, ruler, and notes of money can be easily used to take measurement of your mattress. With this little tip on mattress measurement, we believe that you would have no difficulties when it comes to getting the correct size for your room as you can now easily take your mattress measurement yourself. Below is a video to help you better understand mattress sizes in Nigeria and how to use money notes to take a measurement. Click to watch the full video, mattress sizes in Nigeria.




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