How to Manage an Old Mattress

Sometimes, sleeping on an old mattress can be really discomforting and frustrating, and interferes with your ability to get a quality sleep. Yet, your chances of getting a new mattress may be slim. This is oftentimes due to mounting financial obligations that makes us forgo the need for a comfortable mattress.

Again, Some people have an emotional attachment to their mattress; they may have shared beautiful moments with their partners from romantic to sensual activities such as done on a marital bed, or probably it’s a gift from a loved one; think of a mattress gift from a grandmother to her granddaughter.  While for some, their mattress is an amazing sleep buddy; they cry, laugh and even think on their mattress. As a result, they shrug at the idea of discarding their old mattress.

We will share helpful tips with you on how to manage your old mattress, so you don’t have to worry about a new mattress investment nor getting rid of those beautiful memories.  Let’s explore:

Clean Regularly

If you want to have a friendly bed slumber surface, then start a daily cleaning routine. In addition, you must ensure proper use of your mattress; avoid eating and drinking on the mattress, no jumping or use of sharp objects on your mattress. More so, you must regularly wash and change your beddings weekly. Treat your old mattress like a new baby, this means with utmost care. Moreover, you can opt for a professional  mattress cleaning service.

Use a Mattress Topper

lifespan of a mattress topper

To enhance the feel of your old mattress, get a mattress topper today. A mattress topper is more affordable compared to the cost of a brand new mattress; all you need do is place it on your old mattress to enjoy quality sleep. A mattress topper will even out the sags or bumps in your mattress.

Ensure Adequate Ventilation

Take advantage of the sunny and dry day to air out your mattress, you can do this quarterly. An old mattress is most likely to harbor dust mites and other bacteria that can disrupt your sleep quality if neglected.

Rotate and Flip the Mattress Regularly

Regularly flipping and rotating your old mattress would enhance even distribution of weight and reduce the pressure on a particular spot.

Use a Foam or Blanket

Your old mattress may need additional support to provide the needed cushioning for your body. Place foam or blanket  under your mattress, this will elevate your mattress and provide pressure relief where needed.

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Nonetheless, most mattresses have a functional duration of approximately 8 years depending on the quality and type of material.  It is important to replace your mattress when due in order to get quality sleep at night. In fact, you can  conveniently swap your old mattress for a brand new one, this is indeed cost effective. Enquire from your mattress company to know if they offer a mattress swap service or explore other mattress companies that do.




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