How to know your pillow is dead

How to know your pillow is dead

Getting rid of a pillow can be a difficult decision for some people. While others honestly forget to replace their pillow. However, the sad truth is that pillows don’t last forever and continuous use of your pillow can ruin your health. Just like mattresses, pillows play a significant role in the quality of sleep you get. A quality pillow helps in maintaining proper spinal alignment when you’re sleeping. But when you get the opposite of comfort on your pillow, then it’s time to replace your pillow. Replacing your pillows has more to do with the condition of your pillow.

So, how do you know that your pillow is dead and needs a replacement?

It folds easily in the centre

Your pillow is dead If it stays folded in the centre where your head rests even after you take your head off, it’s a clear sign that your pillow is broken down. This means that your pillow is worn out and would no longer provide adequate support. Unless your pillow is originally flat. Yet at the course of use, if it becomes too flat that it stays folded in half, it’s time to shop for a new pillow.

You wake with neck and headache

A dead pillow could be the reason for your constant neck and head pain. Especially the pain you feel when you wake up. A pillow is designed to support you during slumber, but if you begin to suffer stiffness or pain in the neck or even headache, your pillow could be the enemy. You should consider replacing your pillow with a quality one

It emits a foul smell

Despite washing or sun drying your pillow, you notice it smells so bad that you would rather snooze without a pillow, then it’s time to change your pillow. The odour could be due to accumulated sweat, heat, saliva, and other body fluid. If the smell makes resting your head on your pillow uncomfortable, then you should switch your pillow immediately. Read also: How to care for your pillow

Your pillow has obvious lumps

Noticeable lumps in a pillow is a sign that your pillow has served you enough and so needs to be thrashed. Regardless of the content of the pillow; foam crumbs, fibre and so forth, if it gets lumpy it would reduce the support and overall comfort you would get from the pillow.

You’ve used it for a long time

You should consider getting a new pillow today if you have been using your pillow for over 2years. This is because of the number of dust mites possibly sharing the pillow with you. Also, dust mites could trigger allergies. Besides, there are quality and durable pillows that are highly affordable

You experience allergy symptoms

Allergy symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, and itchy red or watery eye, nasal congestion, facial pressure and pain, cough and so forth are often caused by dust mites that feed on dead skin cells, dirt and oil on your pillow and mattress. So, if you frequently sneeze or suffer from one or more of these allergies, you should seriously change your pillow ASAP.

You constantly adjust your pillow

If despite being sleepy you constantly rearrange or adjust your pillow to get more comfortable, then you need a high-quality, supportive pillow. By support, we mean that your pillow should help you have a more undisturbed sleep.


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