How to Know Original Winco Foam

Simply walking into a branded Winco foam store, or purchasing a mattress online because it is tagged Winco foam isn’t a guarantee that you invested in an original Winco foam mattress. A detailed knowledge of the product will help you differentiate between an original mattress and a fake mattress. However, most people do not realize that just as its important to ascertain the authenticity of a food item or medication before consumption, so it is  with a mattress. This is because a fake mattress is as life threatening as a fake medication or food.

Here’s how to identify original Winco foam Mattress

So many people have been misled into buying a fake mattress because of the branding of the mattress. Ideally, a brand name on a mattress should help you make an informed decision as to the authenticity of the mattress. Unfortunately, the influx of fake mattresses into the market, branded with popular names, proves that a brand name or tag on a mattress isn’t enough proof of the originality of the mattress.

So, to be sure of a quality mattress that would improve your health significantly, you must look beyond the mattress tag. Here are tips to identify original Winco Foam mattress

Branded authentication label

A basic way to confirm the originality of a Winco foam mattress is through the branded authentication label sewn on it. Embedded in the label is a barcode that you can scan to access the authenticity of the mattress. Once you scan the barcode on any of the mattresses, you would get a prompt from the manufacturers confirming the originality of the mattress. This is much easier to scan if you are buying directly from a dealer, compared to an online purchase. However, the branded label still provides a level of assurance for an online buyer.

Branded edge tapes

Winco foam edge tape

Winco foam mattresses come with a branded edge tape that differentiates it from the fake ones out there. A tape edge refers to the fabric used to decorate or furnish the top and bottom edges of a mattress. So, as part of safety measures towards buying an original Winco mattress, you should check the tape edges to be sure it has the brand name on it.

Seal of approval

The Winco Foam luxury mattresses– Exclusive, Dianne, Supreme mattresses has a seal of approval to authenticate its originality. The seal of approval supports the brand identity and helps customers make the right investment. It also has a barcode to further boost your confidence in your decision.

Branded center label

Winco Foam center label

This is an easy way of identifying an original Winco Foam mattress. It is wrapped around the quilted mattresses such as Elegant, Porch, Grandeur, Merit T&L and Orthopedic mattresses. The center label serves as both a decoration and a brand messenger.

Why a fake mattress is bad for you

You don’t have to be a culprit of a fake mattress before you take necessary precaution. Sleep is very crucial to your health, and the mattress you snooze on will determine the quality of  sleep you get. One of the glaring features of a fake mattress is the firmness level and weight. Authentic mattress brands tailor their mattress to meet the sleep needs of their customers, hence they fabricate the mattress with the right level of firmness and weight regardless of cost. However a fake mattress is made from a low quality materials in a bid to minimize cost and maximize profit.

Here are some reasons you should never settle for a fake mattress:

It disrupts Sleep

The idiomatic expression: sleep like a baby, is only achieved on a original quality mattress not a fake mattress. You’re most likely to toss and turn all through the night on a fake mattress, thereby disrupting your sleep quality. Moreover, you would wake up feeling exhausted and groggy due to insufficient sleep.

Increase vulnerability to illness

We have in several articles discussed the importance of sleep to the body and the need to have a healthy slumber surface. Purchasing an unhealthy sleep surface will increase your chances of suffering from lower back pains, neck sprain and joint aches. Again, in a long-run, continuous use of a fake mattress will cause you other health problems such as: stroke, diabetes, heart attack and even body cancer due to the adulterated polyurethane and TDI used in the production.

Financial loss and stress

A fake mattress will cause you money and time. You may have to discard this mattress for a brand new authentic one, which will require an extra cost, time and effort. Understandably, identifying an authentic mattress will require much time and effort on your part, but shortchanging yourself is a greater loss.

The best place to buy a mattress

To determine the best place to buy a mattress, we must first recommend buying a mattress from a reliable brand. It is worthy to note that your choice of a mattress should never be influenced by the popularity of a brand. The reputation of the brand should be a determining factor. While you may not be able to buy directly from the manufacturer or its depots, it is important to buy your mattress from an accredited distributor to avoid purchasing a fake mattress.

You can use the store locator on the brands website to find a list of its accredited distributors. Also, if you desire a stress-free but reliable way to buy a mattress, you can order a mattress online. However, be sure the online store is reputable. We also suggest that you buy from a mattress brand that offers a free-sleep trial period to allow you test the mattress.



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