How to Clean Your Bedroom Thoroughly and Efficiently: A Quick & Easy Guide

How to clean your bedroom thoroughly and efficiently

The hardest part for most people when cleaning the bedroom is figuring out where to start. Weekends are usually dedicated to clean ups, and we could easily start with our laundry. However, after you toss your dirty clothes in the machine, crank up the timer and go back to your bedroom, you get stuck with so many frustrating questions such as: Where do I start, what do I clean first or when will I finish?

We understand how tiring it is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, especially at weekends when you need to rest and get rejuvenated for the coming week through a good sleep. Therefore, we have developed a system that works perfectly and guarantees a cozy bedroom at the end. Let’s explore;

Pick up clutter

First, pick up clothes, shoes and other items that you might leave hanging around during the week while hurrying off to work or business. Clearing these clutters either on your cushion, bed or even on the floor will give your bedroom a refreshing feel.  Also, clear up the table or night stand surfaces.

Get rid of the cobwebs

Cobwebs can find their way into anything in your room: curtains, fabrics, furniture’s, ceiling and corners. So, you would need to carefully get rid of these webs to be sure of a clean abode. You can use your local broom with a long handle, a long yardstick with a cleaning cloth attached to its end, or a vacuum cleaner to eliminate the webs.

Clean your fan blade/air conditioner

This is best done using a clean piece of cloth. These devices attract dust easily which can affect the air we inhale. You can use a dry cloth to wipe off the dust crust and a wet rag to clean it completely, whether it is a ceiling fan or a standing fan, this technique is quite efficient. It is important to note that the same technique may not apply when cleaning your air conditioner.

Dust all surface

Dust all surfaces; tables, nightstand and ottoman.  Also clean every device in sight, TV, remote, gadgets and anything that attracts dust.

Wipe the window and mirror

Using clean water and clean rags, go to work at the mirrors and windows until every dust and stain is gone completely.

Wipe/dust the blinds and curtains

This can be achieved using a vacuum or rag, if you do not have a vacuum; you can use a broom to gently dust the curtain. Again, for the  blind you can use a wet piece, rinse the piece after every wipe, to keep the piece clean and to prevent dust dirt’s.

Vacuum/sweep the floor

After the exercises above, you must have piled quite a huge amount of dirt on the floor, now you have to gently vacuum the floor, not neglecting those corners were your hand cannot reach. Do not forget to vacuum under your bed as a lot of people tend to neglect it since it is out of sight and end up accumulating a large amount of dirt. If your mattress is on the floor, clean all its edges, raise it up and dust its bottom.

This part is particularly difficult for people who clean their rooms using a broom; this is because sweeping in itself raises dust, which means you will have dust particles resting on surfaces you have already cleaned! So you might want to sweep first before you do steps 3 to 5. You might want sweep a second time after you finish cleaning surfaces just to be thorough.

Remake your bed

Take the time to try something new, so your room looks not only clean but new and fresh! Read also: Reasons You should keep your beddings and mattress clean. 

Reorganize your bedroom

You might want to reorganize the contents on your nightstand and table; you might also want to change the position of the furniture in the room or the placements of clothes in your wardrobe. Beautifully, an organizing your bedroom is one of the ways to enjoy a peaceful sleep or rest.

Check your laundry

In all that time, your laundry must have finished washing, so all you have to do now is rinse.

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