How to Care For Your Kid’s Mattress

Many Kids throw caution in the air when it comes to the way and manner they handle household items. Ideally, you don’t expect them to be as cautious as you are when using mattress or beddings. For instance, most kids use their mattress for trampoline: they jump, dance and play on their mattress for fun, while some kids are in the habit of bedwetting every night, others will rather get their homework done on their mattress. Here’s the breaking news: kids don’t ‘care’ if their actions threatens the lifespan of their mattress– after all, dad will get a new mattress if this one goes bad.

Think of investing in a new mattress every year, it’s an expense you don’t want to incur. Therefore, we have provided tips on how to take care of your kid’s mattress, to ensure it provides them the comfort and support intended for a long period of time.

Ensure Proper Training

Kids are most times the product of continuous training and rebuke. Do not watch your kids jump on their mattress or engage in acts that will ruin their mattress without prompt rebuke and correction. This is because they are ignorant of the consequences of their action. You can create a do’s and don’ts mattress list for your kids.

Provide an Alternative Playground

customized mattress

Using a regular mattress might just not work for your kids. You’ve got to be creative if you want your kid’s mattress to last longer. You can provide a 3D foam automated mattress, carve out a play mattress from your old mattress or even customize their mattress to suit their play needs. Your kids will derive the same pleasure they seek and not misuse their mattress.

Invest in a Quality Mattress Protector

You do not want urine and other stains to make your kids mattress worn out easily, resulting in an unplanned expenditure.  A mattress protector will keep your kids mattress clean and free from urine and other stains- it covers the mattress and prevents direct contact of stains with the mattress; it also limits the accumulation of dust and allergies, promotes the lifespan of the mattress and protects the warranty on your kid’s mattress.

Sanitize their Mattress

Ensuring a clean and safe sleep environment for your kids is essential for your kid’s wellbeing. One of the ways to care for your kid’s mattress is to engage a mattress sanitization service. Scientifically, a regularly used mattress has 100-000 to 10,000,000 dust mites, these dust mites could result in allergies such as sneezing, runny nose, itchy, red or watery eyes,  cough , itchy skin for your kids. As a solution, a mattress sanitization service will get rid of bed bugs and dust mites unknowingly living in the mattress. It is a chemical free process, a dry treatment that also gets rid of odour and bacteria’s.

Wash Beddings Regularly

When kids play on their mattresses, beddings also suffer harm because they are also used every day. Interestingly, beddings are receptors for bacteria and heat that would not only disrupt your kid’s sleep and health. We recommend that you wash your kid’s beddings weekly to get rid of dead skin cells, dirt and dust capable of building up in their mattress.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

You can air your kid’s mattress regularly by taking it outside and ensuring proper ventilation of the bedroom. This is because dust mites and bacteria thrive in a moist and poorly ventilated bedroom.

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