How To Care For Your Bedding

how to care for bedding

Your bed is supposed to be comfortable in order for you to achieve a good amount of quality sleep. The human body undeniably craves quality sleep. One of the components that guarantee quality sleep is your beddings, they include the bed sheet, blankets, duvet, and all the accessories that help smoothen the sleep process.                        bedding 

It is important to take care of your beddings if you must continue to enjoy good health. Of course, we always emphasize the need for a good quality mattress, but that alone is not enough, you need to know how to care for your beddings. Taking care of our beddings can sometimes be stressful but you just have to keep them clean.

Experts are of the opinion that you should have a couple of these beddings so that you can easily make a change when you have to. According to them, it is okay to wash or change your beddings biweekly or weekly especially if one sweats a lot. Martha Stewart, the famous TV personality recommends that you “use hydrated bleach and warm water to wash your beddings, if you have the time, iron them. This gives your beddings the feeling of being new.” Here are basic tips to care for your beddings.              bedding 

Wash your beddings

black lady doing her bedding laundry

Washing your beddings thoroughly is the first step to caring for them. You should use a non-bleach detergent to wash them. Also, endeavor to rinse properly before drying. If you have many different materials to wash at a goal, ensure you sort them out according to their colors to avoid one color bleaching on the other.

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Air your beddings

Drying your beddings, especially your duvet keeps it clean and free from smell. Drying your bedsheet, pillowcase, mattress protector, and duvet under the sun after a thorough wash makes it dry fast, but then, you don’t have to over sun them as too much heat from the sun can hurt your materials.  On the other hand, if you feel your bedding doesn’t smell very fresh and you are not ready to wash it, so long as it is not dirty, you can just air it before use at night.

Lady folding cloths

Iron and store your beddings

After a proper wash and dry process, the next thing you want to consider is to iron your beddings, fold them neatly and store them in a place where air can still touch them. If you are big on a nice scent, you could lightly spray them to maintain freshness before the next time you use them.



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