How Quality sleep helps you lose weight

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Are you trying to lose weight? Then make having a quality night sleep a part of your daily routine. Having quality sleep is as important as exercising and eating a well-balanced meal. Unfortunately, most people brag about being too busy to get enough sleep as if it were a measure for success.  In fact, the result of a study showed that society sees men who sleep less as more masculine and judges them positively.  Additionally, findings by the Centre for disease control and prevention (CDC) reports that a third of adults don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis. While this could be due to sleep disorders such as Insomnia, some people deliberately work into their bedtime. So, they record less than six hours of sleep as against the recommended duration for sleep.

Insufficient sleep could be the reason you are struggling to lose weight. There is overwhelming evidence that supports the link between sleep deficiency and obesity alongside other chronic diseases such as heart attacks and diabetes. In this article, you would discover how having enough sleep helps you lose weight.

Poor sleep makes you hungrier

Sleep deprivation can increase your appetite and cravings. This is because of the impact of sleep on ghrelin and leptin-which are termed hunger hormones.  Ghrelin is basically released in the stomach. This hormone sends a signal to the brain that it wants it, and this makes you feel hungry.  It stimulates appetite, increases food intake and promotes fat storage whereas leptin suppresses hunger and signals fullness to the brain. Therefore, when you are sleep deprived, the body produces more ghrelin and less leptin. This increases your appetite, making you eat more and in most cases feed on junk.

Insufficient sleep increase your calorie consumption

You tend to consume more calories when you are sleep deprived. For instance, staying up later than your bedtime increases your chances of late-night snacking and feeding. The result of a study of 12 participants who were allowed to sleep for only 4 hours showed that they consumed an average of 559 more calories than when they were allowed eight hours. This demonstrates the effect of lack of sleep on your weight gain. READ ALSO: Say Goodnight to Late Night Feeding

Sleep helps you control cravings

Quality sleep helps you make healthy food choices while lack of sleep makes it resist your cravings. This is because lack of sleep distorts the functioning of your brain. Also, poor sleep increases your cravings for junk or foods high in calories and this contributes to a higher BMI.

Poor Sleep reduces your energy level

People who are sleep deprived are easily fatigued and are not motivated to exercise nor get involved in activities that help them lose weight.  However, getting enough sleep makes you more alert, and fully invigorated. It helps enhance your performance level and keeps you motivated.



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