How Many Pillows Should You Sleep With?

Why should anyone bother about the number of pillows you choose to sleep with? Rationally, whatsoever rocks your both should be allowed when it comes to your sleep comfort. However, the truth is that, one quality pillow beneath your head can provide the needed elevation and adequate support you need. So, you do not need 2 or more pillows beneath your head to sleep well.

Besides, many sleep experts suggests that placing your head on a pile of pillows while sleeping may be the reason for that crick in the neck, frequent tossing and turning while you sleep and other discomfort you feel. This means that regardless of your sleep position: back, stomach or side sleeper, you would need one quality pillow for your head and not a mountain of pillows. Read our article on: best pillow for your sleep position to help you choose the right pillow.

However, certain sleep positions and conditions such as pregnancy, may require you snooze with pillow between the knees, behind your back, or even under your tummy for adequate support and comfort. While the rule still remains one pillow for your head.

We have highlighted the sleep positions and condition that would require additional pillows- for improved comfort.

Side sleepers

We recommend that side sleeper’s snooze with two pillows: one beneath the head and the other pillow placed between the knees, this will diminish stress on your hips and lower back, and promote spinal alignment.


Most women experience back and neck pains during pregnancy. This is because of the increasing weight of the baby in the womb, resulting in pressure on the blood vessel. To sleep comfortably, we recommend you place a pillow beneath your tummy and between your knees to provide relief.

Back Sleepers

One of the downsides of sleeping on your back is that it may result in lower back aches. We recommend that for improve comfort, back sleepers should snooze with a pillow beneath their knees, this will help reduce the pressure on your hips and enhance a healthy posture for your back.

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